1. The same with me. The reason is also " large volumes amounts and low quality" but no feedback scores or only very few feedback which couldn't show the quality are low. Put you under view for 2-3 weeks and then told you your account has reactived you can proceed. Actually I don't believe the reasons they said, they just want to limit your rating amount and don't exceed the cap since my payment is According to your tasks approval not the working time. That means you should not earn too much per month. Now I am under view for almost 4 weeks which is longer than any time. Maybe I am to fired soon. I don't care and am tired of under view for uncertain reasons.

  2. In Hyperwallet when adding a transfer method, do you choose your local currency?

  3. Me too. I couldn't add new transfer method besides Paypal and when selecting the currency-only USD and other local currency are accepted excluding my local currency. From papal transferred to my bank account is very expensive! The previous transfer dallor is free charge in my country. I have emailed them and hope to use the old system but nobody responses me.

  4. Telu states the only potential charges that you have to pay are any fees that your bank would charge for a bank transfer, if there's foreign exchange involved in the withdrawal. According to Paypal official website in my country, Paypal charges me for 35$ per dollar withdral whatever the account is, and you must pay extra fees if you make foreign exchange. Do they sure Hyperwallet will ptovide the same terms and conditions in different countries?

  5. Have you visited our website cuz they've given updates in the payment section......It'll be the same payment system for the countries in which the hyperwallet system is not available and that includes turkey too

  6. Thanks for your useful information! Hyperwallet functions in my country, but service fees are very high. I have emailed them requested for using the previous payment method but without responses from Telus till now. I will check the updated and hope my country in the list.

  7. I don't want to change current payment method which works well. I needn't pay any fees to receive dollars from Telus SWIFT, but if used Hyperwallet will charge me per withdrawn and exchange, which definitely adds cost and aslo very inconvenient in my country.

  8. Sometimes they rejected you because large numbers of candidates but less tasks available in your locale rather than your CV. For example, there are rare tasks available in my country due to lockdown of pandemic. They need people mostly at fixed some dates according to my experience. You can choos more difficult programs to apply rather than easier projects. It's better to do some research about your locale situation on Telus jobs. Maybe my direct advice is not very suited your position given the different locales, but Map analysis program is the most frequently recruiting for the low rate of passing exam. It's pity that even the map most of time is No more surveys available in my market.

  9. As the map analysis was suspended mostly due to the volumes beyond they defined since my payment based on the number of the tasks rather than the rated speed in my market.

  10. From what I've read on here, they don't like people trying to "catch up" after there being tons of NTA, unfortunately.

  11. They only offer you one reason-low quality score because they never let you know the real cause.

  12. Don't worry! It occured to me also last month though I am not in India. You first contact to your local bank and confirm with them if foreign money transfers to your account, if they said no, the most possibly is the account details you provided are wrong. So the next step you may email Telus fiance and ask them support you with the failed bank details from which you can know the wrong part. The last but not least, you should upload the bank details again and make sure they are completely correct and notice Telus you have provided the correct bank info and let them pay attention your update bank details. Telus will pay you in the next payment cycle if nothing goes wrong.

  13. I have requested to remove from the offensive tasks long time ago because I couldn't stand very offensive contents for been hours. Seriously that make you feel uncomfortable.

  14. Finally I get nothing with the referral scheme because Telus informed me "you are not eligible for any bonus for your forms don't accord with the requested formal." I wouldn't join any referral scheme in the future since they will say you are not eligible for bonus die to ridiculous reansons at the end. This time is a lesson!

  15. They don't pay for what you rated tasks since last year, which breaks the Contract if you are working for them now.

  16. I never released taskd for not enough time, because most of tasks needed more time than the estimated time in my market. I attempted to improve my speed resulting in low quality less than Telus standard. My problem is if rating tasks time longer than the estimated time, what will happen to my payment? For example, one map task shows estimated 3 minutes, but I actually spent 6 minutes, and Telus will pay me the task or not since I didn't finish it in the estimated time? Thanks for anyone's reply.

  17. They will pay you but only for the estimated time. We are paid per task, not for our time. Unfortunately

  18. Hahaha. I just received bonus email about in the next three days rating tasks, because Telus said there are a volume of tasks available in my market and they are eager to close them out ASAP. I immediately open the laptop and log in the website, only showing "No more surveys". I wonder do they know where my market is! According to my experience, this whole March, "No more surveys" is daily routine.

  19. I have received their reply, it seems the account number is incorrect according to the email and will pay again in the next payment run.

  20. Good luck with that, and I truly mean that. I posted my rant on the Telus International reddit site. I was a new rater in November 2021 with my first payment supposed to be in December. I have NOT been paid once because they keep saying an issue with my account number when it fact both my account number and routing number have been correct each and every time. I even took a screenshot of it the last time I updated it and it still kicked back.

  21. Actually I also doubt they said, because Telus said this time I uodated the same details which is untrue, I have sceenshot after updating the bank details in order to save the evidence. According to they provided the ending number which is clearly different from this time. But Telus said they are the same. However, every time the uploaded bank detailes only checked by them on the bakstage not myself on the page, so I have no option to do except waiting for a half month.

  22. I am so regretful to join the referral scheme. Trusted Telus International before that, after all it is a legal international company in my mind.

  23. No, I haven't receive January payment until today. They said something wrong with my bank account. In my market Telus regulates paid two months. As to the referral fees or bonus, nothing to be compensated.

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