1. Scared him or disappointed him? Sounds like he was hoping for actual weed

  2. Congrats! If you even get time to play with a newborn and current kids. Depends what type of games you’re into. Have you played previous souls games? Or do you enjoy survival horror type of games? You will get a hell of a lot more time out of Elden ring if you want a lengthier game

  3. I’m more interested why this is marked as a spoiler

  4. Well his in charge for another 4 years. Looks like it won’t be legal here for awhile. Fuck sake, religious man albo ain’t gonna do it either. Place is fucked

  5. I see some ambers. Depends how couchlock/head buzz you want it

  6. Also theres not many people i know who smoke it for the taste

  7. This is exactly my point, people don't know how good it can taste.

  8. Maybe you’re being fooled in the small town you live in. Where weed taste like lollipops and rainbows lol can’t count how many different strains iv tried that are pretty frosty and yeh it’s either nice earthy weed taste or some fruity flavour

  9. They look good. But why does that middle bud have a bum hole? Can anyone else zoom in and confirm lol!!

  10. I think purple crack but could be runtz breath. Was a idiot when I was taking beans out of the packet to have a look and may of put them back in wrong pack lol

  11. That happens more than you think bro🤣 just popped you a follow I’m about 10-15 days ahead of you in my grow

  12. Nice hope your grow goes well. I think I have followers turned off but all good. I will be starting my attitude run around November/December northern lights and white widow autos

  13. When did it sky rocket to two years? I usually see 3-6months

  14. Need a better photo. Hard to tell in that plastic bag

  15. Between 6 and 6.5...about 8.2 outta the tap. I mean the newie looks ok ay for a 5 dayer. Tha yellow one is pretty fucked i rekon. What about spray bottle? Someone told me its the best way seedlings take in water before they get roots

  16. Ohh I thought you meant that’s the same plant 3 weeks later. Yeh spray bottle is always good

  17. Unhappy plant throughout whole grow will give you a unhappy high. They give out what you put in. She looks like she gonna make some poison buds to get her revenge back.

  18. Thanks! What I'm trying to say more so is, when should I change from my 18-6 seedling light cycle to a 12-12 veg light cycle and nutrients and all of that. I have a 2x4 with 2 plants

  19. I think you’re confusing veg with flower. 12-12 is when you want to flower not veg. Veg you will keep light the same as seedling 18/6

  20. I love how it’s only one plant but you have to label it just incase it gets mixed with others lol

  21. I’m planting more at different stages in my grow and I labelled it mainly for the date.

  22. Haha just playing. Hope the new light does you well.

  23. Nice! Looks like he gave you extra then 7 and 10gs unless it’s really light stuff

  24. hehe lol. naaah im a realist, oz is just so over regulated, the land of the beauracrats. who knows when we'll be free to do what many are already doing :/

  25. Prob not until the boomers die off sadly. Until then we have to enjoy our freedom secretly

  26. i know, oz is fucked, but its still worth a read imo. makes some good points i thought.

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