1. Yes artifact is in a coloured glass jar. Tthose buds look nice. One of my favorite strains to come back. I found out about it at the tail end of the first run before it was gone. Looking forward to getting it again. Enjoy !

  2. You must have a green thumb. Don't knock it until you try it. Ohio Clean Leaf has the most tricommes on there buds. They don't knock them off and use them in processed products like other growers do !

  3. I love this strain in artifact. That's what I'm enjoying now and am on my second bottle of it.

  4. This happened several months ago at Botanist Columbus to me, too. I don't remember which product but it was a 5.6 of flower. It didn't seem to be missing any weight but my god this is a medical program what the fuck? I called and let them know. Not much else to do and it's fucking SAD

  5. Good that you spoke up all the patients need to be aware that this is happening. I'm contacting Frie Rock so they are aware of this situation.

  6. Ok so where would everyone rank their GG4 in this comparison?

  7. This has happened to me as well at Ohio Cannabis Company. They were apologetic and switched the product out for the right one and even gave it to me for the price of the other product. There are still good companies that are trying to do right by their patients.

  8. Catfish was my first purchase in our program in June 2019. So it holds good memories for me. It's hard to come by these days. I got some this summer though and it wasn't as good as I remembered go figure.

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