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  1. Cannot wait to see the increased sales and awareness around GS branded products (keyboards, speakers, batteries, etc.). They are really starting to penetrate those high margin areas IMO. Once off the ground and comfortable with their product and how customers are taking to them, I anticipate a marketing push!

  2. Most people can’t read more than a few sentences.

  3. The more I c and read today, the more this seemingly crazy meme appears like the deep down, twisted dark truth

  4. https://nitter.net/stillgray/status/1591448562834948098

  5. HUGE! Wow... They really are gearing up for Crypto regulation and all the sheep will fall into the CBDC trap. DEX/DeFI is truly the way and GME/LRC are doing this!

  6. Wow!!! Is the 69D chess being played? HF need to move away/turn off algos - in turn, slowly losing its grip on GME

  7. Don't forget about Q3 Results - usually beginning of DEC. Could be profitable, could be ridiculous DRS numbers, could be rip, could be dip. Definitely dip.

  8. They are also watching shares disappear in droves from their books. Guessing there will be another purple wave after this ...

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