1. I just popped a bean i jus popped a bean im the bean maaAA$&/&-9n

  2. Same is happening to me on fifa 22

  3. فش داعي للغة ثالثة. الصف بتلاقي فيه ٤٠ طالب (مدرسة حكومية) وما بطلع منهم يادوب ٦ الي بقدرو يحكو انجليزي بنسبة متوسطة. لو يركزو عالانجليزي اكتر ويطوروه احسن رح يكون غالبا احسن من اي لغة ثالثة شو ما كانت. No need for a third language. in a single class where there is 40 student (public school) there wouldn't be more than like 6 students who can speak English and it would be on an average level. if the government or whoever is on charge of this, focuss more on English and upgrade it, it would probably be better than any third language whatever it was.

  4. private schools give out third language classes. I graduated from RAS ans we took french classes since 4th grade till 10th grade, and some of my classmates actually speak fluent French.

  5. Besides the fact that not ALL private schools give a third language class, the problem here is with public schools, it would be an impossible thing to achieve in such an overcrowded and low teaching system environment such as public schools, instead they could just improve their English teaching system which might be far more helpful than any other language in my opinion. Overall good for u that u got the chance to have more than 2 languages, hope the third language that u learnt will be helpful in the future.

  6. Yea im talking about my experience I didn’t go to ALL private schools, plus its BS anyway, I took 6 years of french and I cant think of one word in french.

  7. smell is gone in less than 3 minutes and IMO I kinda like it lol plus it helped me to start smoking less I used to smoke almost 2 packs of cigarettes a day now I smoke a pack of heets every 2-3 days and im hoping I eventually stop. But generally, before i started smoking less on the Iqos, It felt way better. I used to wake up barely even breathing. 2 says after I switched to Iqos I started breathing better.

  8. Bro do you have that video of him talking about pushing chest 5 days a week?

  9. Brother next time come to Jordan for a kit, I know a place haha

  10. “Alright Mr. Morris, let’s begin discussing our financial goals for this season. Don’t worry our expectations are very low this season. Our board has discussed that we want to sign 3 players with a crucial squad role and make a £112,000,000 profit. You’re also fired if you don’t do this. Don’t worry low objective no pressure” -Sunderland Board

  11. I was just thinking about that yesterday, probably my favorite player I have ever played with since I started CM in FIFA 13. Extremely fast and agile. he tore up the Championship in my save when he was 76 rated (as I remember). *I never tried him as RW by the way. I try to keep my career modes as realistic as possible in the early stages. I had Rhian Brewster as ST on loan with an option to buy when I signed Noni, but for some reason I couldn’t activate the buy option when his loan was coming to an end, so I was stuck with a 62 rated youth graduate for ST. Until I decided to put up Noni up top.

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