1. You could mostly put it down to personal preference, but a compelling argument could be made for an epic moon katana with moon master and way of the flame. Great melee dps and a way to bypass blocks for shield mongols.

  2. I don’t think so. I saw a while ago on this subreddit that someone had broken their ps and they got a new one, booted up GOT and found that even though their campaign data had been wiped, the legends data was fully intact.

  3. This might be a long commentary so I apologise in advance. I will provide a reasonable explanation as to why I have chosen the stats and gear, but as a consequence it will read longer

  4. Hunter has been one of the best clases since legends’ launch. Thats likely where the resentment comes from as melee samurai players (for example) may not be able to fully immerse themselves in the game if a hunter comes and wipes the waves with explosive arrow followed by an ult if need be.

  5. If you like melee combat and bombs, try Forbidden medicine. Can go for flash (stun and resolve) or black powder bomb (damage). Strong and versatile weapon with also healing.

  6. This is a fairly good bit of advice for the OP. Chances are though that if OP wants a ‘good build’ they’ll need stats optimised to useful values such as oni, melee, stat effect etc. Avoid the resolve gain, assassinate and damage reduction stats at all costs. I also like a hybrid ranged bomb and melee samurai build. Forbidden medicine, mmc katana, melee or samurai charm (i think on only one of them you can get fire damage or oni damage. Someone correct me if you know) with fire master and resolve gain (or fire master and rising tempo), and either a sticky for more ranged or kunai for more melee dmg. Smoke if you play more ranged or caltrops for more melee stats and general use.

  7. Your first weekly nmsv had a guaranteed gold drop. If you play the weekly nmsv again in the same week there isnt a guarantee for a gold drop again until the next reset. Same for all nm weekly modes. I.e your first nm story completion guarantees a gold drop. Play it the second, third, fourth etc time in that same week then there is no guarantee, until the next weekly reset.

  8. Went through Odyssey twice probably 400+ hours into that. But I’m playing on the hardest difficulty too.

  9. Odyssey is an absolute cakewalk on nightmare if you have a high crit build. Even better in Odyssey, you can choose to spec into anything with high crit so it will still deal damage. Only downside is that unless you run a special resistance build, you will die in two hits.

  10. I could be wrong, but I’m sure that tungsten is a part of Dawn of Ragnarok DLC. Unless you buy the dlc it won’t give you tungsten, and secondly you get tungsten from the Ragnarok dlc areas only.

  11. Lies. They are late game treasures. I started finding them in Eurvicscire.

  12. Like i said, i could be wrong. Perhaps downvoting something like that doesn’t help because other people with similar thoughts may not see what I’ve said, and then they won’t see the replies correcting me and thus changing their minds.

  13. A great read! Magicks of the Arcane for everyone who doesn’t want to click the lick

  14. A Cadmean Victory. Edit: just realised you’ve read this one. Have you read the remastered version and its sequel?)

  15. I think you hit the nail on the head for me with a few points. Some stories are without a doubt extremely well crafted.. but the subject matter just isn’t interesting to me.

  16. will the stealth gameplay be more important when i progress? I loved that in odyssey you can create different outfit sets for different situations

  17. I will point out that the main stealth mechanics in this game are still broken and don’t work as intended. As far as gameplay and story is concerned though, you have to assassinate some members of the order.

  18. Initially Dumbles is ok with it. After all Harry just stabbed a Horcrux, saved a girl, and stopped Hogwarts getting shut down. He’s happy enough to let Harry keep it over the summer before he surreptitiously reacquires it once 3rd year starts.

  19. An alternative approach to “Harry is Godric Gryffindor” trope?? I like it

  20. Thanks mate. This really helped. I had 5/6 in my resources and when i opened the blacksmith chest it gave me another

  21. Realise that what you think about yourself matters more than what they think, and by not prioritising what other people think you’ll focus on doing more rather than agonising over the gossip.

  22. If its a good week for trials, i run them repeatedly until i get the item. You see very little blue gear in this mode, and there is a much higher chance for gold gear to drop. Using the caravan of thieves farm is far inferior (if thats what you’re using). Trials is by far the best method, however.. if its a rubbish week.. like for instance chapter 2 final battle, not worth repeatedly playing unless you’ve got a squad. Still get it done for that week, and get a good chance of gold gear, but not for farming. If its chapter 2 blood ritual though, or chapter 1 soul well.. its a great week and you should play over and over. If you’ve not played raid and have no clue what to do for trials, play raid first and then do trials. Or, you can it search up and the explanations or tutorial videos aren’t bad. The final option would be you hate trials or its a terrible week. Then you should play weekly nmsv. Its a pretty bad chance of gold gear, but it’s definitely better and far more mentally engaging than using the caravan of thieves farming method or something like that (and still a better drop rate). Never play nm story or any gold for farming. Story has a stupidly high blue drop rate.

  23. Don’t I already have to be 120 before it will let me play those?

  24. Yes. Think i saw a comment where you mentioned not having a good gw2. Imo, smoke bomb is good for all classes, so if you have an epic smoke lying around use that and grind it. Id probably go for assassin because i think one of the mastery challenges is assassinate in smoke for 50 kills.. which sucks.

  25. I have a feeling that season pass only included that one bjorn mission and the first dlc.

  26. the season pass includes siege of paris, wrath of the druids and that beowulf quest

  27. Oh right ok, Cool. I bet the op needs to finish the main story arc with alfred first before accessing any dlc.

  28. The Big Three are Control, Pain, and Death, so off the top of my head I would have to add:

  29. I think the magic stealing definitely has merit. Wizards and witches guard their abilities fiercely, so being able to take that able could be conceived as unforgivable

  30. I think they’d probably be against homosexuality. It would really contradict the old idea about maintaining bloodlines and purity if an heir of a prominent family wasn’t able to have children directly

  31. I prefer Snape how he was portrayed directly in the books: an extremely flawed character, who is consumed by bitterness, and the only thing driving him is the possibility of vengeance for his deceased friend and could have been love. Ironically, the same vengeance for her death is also the same hatred for her husband, and this is shown in Snape’s baggage being dropped throughout all seven books onto their son. He loved her so, but also despised her husband.. and also it presents a conflict as to how he should act towards Harry. It’s strange because I genuinely believe Alan Rickman has had a profound impact in how i view the character in the books as well. He is the type of person who hates something so much that it provides the resilience for the difficult decisions he must make. Its truly spectacular writing, and anyone who just bashes Snape for no reason generally makes a mockery of it. I do find the father figure portrayal to be a little odd and ooc for Snape, and even more so for the friend and especially lover (unless the author is writing an entire different AU in a different time period or with key changes). Also, i think it’s possible to push him into the background but it might be a waste.

  32. Trials. Anything else has a pretty rubbish gold drop rate. Grind your characters to 120 and farm trials over and over. They only take on average about 4 mins.. sometimes 2 mins. Its far better gear per minute than any survival, rivals or story.

  33. On average with a group maybe but not the average with randoms.

  34. Some are more difficult than others and require more teamwork. This week technically could be done with just one person playing assassin running group vanish. Last week, all hunters would be preferable.

  35. Like you said, it depends on personal preference. Don’t let other people get to you if it does.

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