1. How does taking the actual test multiple times work? Is there a limit? Can law schools see every test you have taken? Is it bad to take it multiple times?

  2. If information systems is something you genuinely enjoy, go for it! I am a math and an IR major and have found that I work harder and am more motivated bc I am passionate about what I study. Best of luck :)

  3. Minors for the most part aren’t important so if you can pick up a second major without any extra problems I’d do that. Biased because I triple majored (took 6 classes per semester because I perform better under pressure and gives me no excuse to slack off).

  4. Thank you! Do you know/remember how many credits we are allowed to have total during the summer as an undergraduate student?

  5. Varies school by school. At my school I believe it is 22. At my friends school it’s 18 but they are allowed to ask their dean to extend it to 22. I also took 4 summer classes between sophomore and junior year which allowed me to take a single course my senior spring. Id have easily completed the majors if I did not do the summer semester but it was covid summer and it was better than binge watching tv. Summer classes are nice though imo (especially if done at your university rather than somewhere else as that can get tricky).

  6. I did both at different times. There’s def a good amount of overlap which makes it pretty easy. They’re dif courses tho so one would not negate the other.

  7. No- I had a similarly rigorous schedule with lab at those times. Very feasible as long as you limit your socializing time.

  8. Yes- tRNA reads the mRNA so more tRNA doesn’t matter if there is nothing extra to read. More DNA doesn’t make sense either. That’s my process of elimination tactic + the above reply.

  9. My 2020 base sti was offered 30.5k at local Toyota dealer recently.. looking to get into 2020+ 2SS 1LE but not that bad.. gonna private sell this Spring probably

  10. Do it through truecar. Sold my 2020 wrx for 33k to a dealer using it. Awesome service.

  11. Did a quick offer, they offered 33k.. 14.2k miles on it.. think I’ll just do private

  12. That’s fair. 33k def better at least than the 30k and gives you solid baseline for private sales. I decided not to go private because I know people who sold private and got sued by the buyer months down the road when something broke down. Figured the extra 1k wasn’t worth the potential legal hassle.

  13. I have the black one so I don’t see why it would be any different, but my tag is brown and wider than long

  14. I know many people who did their best in gen chem and orgo because they tried very hard and not so well in bio1 because they didn’t take it very seriously

  15. Be smart about it and regulate the frequency and dosage to minimize any side effects/ addiction.

  16. Put your info into truecar, Carmax, carvanna and see which has the best deal. Truecar matches you with dealers who can bid on it

  17. Ah. Depending on your monitor, perhaps. I just figured you'd want to keep it digital and as clean as possible.

  18. So this would then plug into the back where it says digital audio for optical cable? What settings would I have to click on the PS5 to get this to work, or would it automatically recognize this? Lastly does it matter which USBA port it plugs into (front or back)

  19. I didn’t transition but I’m trying to get the md/jd degree. One thing I can say is logic games might seem easy but it’s not; it’s strategic and will take a lot of practice to be able to do it within a certain amount of time. The lsats is shorter than the mcats but you get less time per section, there’s usually a section that is duplicated, one doesn’t count, but you will not know whether that’s the one that counts or not. I took both already but haven’t applied yet, retaking MCAT in January and possibly the lsat because I was only average in that and you need a high score to get into that program. Whether you want to do both or just switch, there will be a difference when you account for the timing but practice makes perfect.

  20. That sounds intense. What do you plan to do with that degree? It’s something I thought about as well.

  21. It’s ranked in the 30’s with strong chem/biochem program that a lot of premeds attend

  22. Put your vin into truecar, it’ll give you an estimate and dealers bid on it from there. Sold me 2020 for 32.5

  23. I think the only thing that matters is the actual GPA itself. At my school, Summa cum laude is a 3.93 or above GPA. Therefore getting it doesn't indicate what your GPA is because each school has different cut offs. The overall GPA is really what they would look at

  24. Got it thanks. At my uni the cut offs are lower than avg because grade deflation is a serious problem.

  25. What did you do for the hospice care job? That’s something I am interested in so curious. Did you need any certifications for that?

  26. Yea……that’s low. 25/hr is on par with an associate scientist position. For reference I used to work in pharma as a scientist with a base of 80

  27. People make $18/ hr bagging groceries now a days and $25 as managers w/o a college devree

  28. pretty wide backup cam though, cant see this being too needed

  29. It’s nice for when you want a really close park to the curb and don’t want to risk curb rash

  30. Did nothing freshman and sophomore year. Took orgo 1, 2, and their labs at my university junior summer. Summer going into senior year I work in lab

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