1. I honestly don't know what the show wants me to make of the creed, the way, and the armorer. Are we supposed to be seeing this as a negative "cult" thing? Or are we starting to come around to it?

  2. I think Din and Bo-Katan, and by extension Bo's way and "The Way" are going to meet in the middle. The Children of the Watch are going to give Bo purpose, and Bo is going to show The Watch that they've stifled themselves. They're so focused on just surviving but now they need to thrive.

  3. The armorer is actually quite cheeky and less rigid than it seems: she for example says that building weapons with beskar is forbidden, but she circumvents those laws and has built over-sized tools, the hammer and the clamps... that she uses as weapons : P

  4. Wasn't it that the spear could pierce beskar that she took issue with? I can't remember what the line was exactly.

  5. The opening with Echo and Gregor (and Fireball just clearing those TK troopers like it was nothing) rescuing clones had me so immediately hyped I kinda wish we got a full episode about it. Also RIP Echo's kama! I'm a little :/ about how they said the commandos would be hunting the batch and then changing it to Crosshair getting tortured for info about them but I'm glad things are moving along

  6. I like the way people here actually care that much and I'm here just finding this so funny

  7. I wonder how much of this is just Star Wars fans “seeing the sausage made”? I feel like this stuff probably happens all the time and Lucasfilm just needs to keep a tighter lid on stuff that’s in such an early stage. At least they didn’t announce it this time.

  8. They directed Everything Everywhere All At Once and Swiss Army Man

  9. Holy Shit this is incredible. The Daniels were in talks to helm Loki before they turned it down so it'll be interesting to see how they bring their own flair into Skeleton Crew. This is also just another hit director-wise for the Mandoverse. All 3 shows have brought in some amazing talent behind the camera I'm super excited to see who else may have directed alongside Jon Watts.

  10. I've been enjoying all the marvel multiverse stuff but Daniels just went and made the best multiverse movie on their own lol.

  11. Msw described them a few months ago. The new beyond witches resurrect them and stitched their armor back together. Their armor looks like kylo rens helmet. It's based on a japanese pottery repair style that has veins or crack like fixes. Thrawns stormtroopers must have all died on the chimaera save him and ezra.

  12. Never played it. Is that one worth playing just for Single Player? I have no interest in the multiplayer aspect but it looks gorgeous—I just don't want to pay $60 for a tiny campaign if that's all it is.

  13. Well, for one, it was never $60, two the campaign is decent but nothing special.

  14. "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far." - HP Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu

  15. Chills every time I read that one. I love the opening to The Moon-Bog too:

  16. This makes me ask a second question: what's the best way to get subjects that aren't all drop dead gorgeous and just look like regular people.

  17. I've started using "unusual face" and "unusual nose" with good results.

  18. In third grade during our free period one of my classmates fell face-first into a coat hook. Caught him right below the eye (fortunately it wasn't a few centimeters higher). He turns around kinda confused looking and we're all just staring at him with blood streaming down his face and he just says "...what?" like he didn't know what we were staring at.

  19. apparently burning to death is the most painful but i’d imagine being eaten alive is definitely up there.

  20. Steam burns specifically. From what I’ve heard, regular burns eventually destroy the pain receptors but steam burns do not, so you feel it the entire time.

  21. I don't want to call it lazy writing but yeah, I think they're taking liberties with her character to make the series plot easier even if it seems out of her season 1 character.

  22. Even from this season. When they were talking to her via that long range communicator that Tech rigged up, you can see her look down at Omega before she finally relents and agrees to EVENTUALLY send help.

  23. That's the thing. Characters that are actually truly evil don't think of themselves as bad, and don't say "You shouldn't trust me".

  24. Oh, absolutely. But my point is that there's a reason they're showing us all this. And it's my opinion that a Lando style double-cross is way more likely and also more satisfying than if she just stabbed them in the back and left them out to dry.

  25. I had the same thought. They've made some strange editing choices this season, and I think doing Pershing's story in a big chunk bogged the pacing down a bit.

  26. On the other hand, I do appreciate how fast this season is moving. They could have stretched Pershing's stuff on Coruscant out over multiple episodes, but they didn't. Maybe that would have felt a lot better, but now we've got a ton of Pershing development out of the way early— I feel like the Empire plot is going to be huge this season. I honestly expect it to be much bigger than the Mandalore stuff.

  27. I get that, and it doesn't have to be spread over episodes, just broken up within one episode. Open with the aftermath of the mines, switch to Pershing getting settled in the new republic. Cut back to the spaceship battle. Cut back to the heist sequence. Cut to the redemption mandalorian scenes. End on a creepy foreshadowing mindflayer cliffhanger.

  28. Yeah, I'm usually open to whatever they end up doing in episodes, but even I was like "there's no way this is just a Pershing episode." lol. Scrubbed forward a bit and was like "shit, still Pershing..."

  29. I honestly think that the bad news regarding Jenkins and Feige was a strategic move to the press before the studio lays out their game plan for the next few years theatrically. I'll be interested to see if Lucasfilm puts a gag order on any movie news or if they let a few exclusives get out to the press before they reveal everything next month.

  30. I bet Bob Iger's "Quality over quantity" announcement was their excuse to quietly cancel these/put them on ice. I hope we get Rogue Squadron eventually, the concept sounds too good to let go.

  31. Honestly, I struggle to image live-action Hondo being played by Cummings. Hondo's a lot more expressive than Cad Bane, so doing the lip sync would be significantly more difficult, unless it's just a quick cameo, of course.

  32. Is he all that much more expressive? Maybe I'm misremembering but I seem to recall most of his expressiveness being with his arms and gesturing and posture (and of course that voice) and not so much the face itself.

  33. More expressive than Cad Bane? Definitely. Cad's pretty easy, because he talks slowly and coldly.

  34. Definitely true with Cad Bane. I guess my point is that I don't think he would necessarily be all that difficult to achieve in live action, since I feel like the majority of his expressiveness is not necessarily tied to his face itself I think. But I'd have to go back and watch, it's been a while!

  35. I'm really intrigued how this guy gets his info.

  36. Is this the same guy who had the accurate times for the previous two episodes?

  37. yep he’s always on point. I used to think he got all info from screeners. But I don’t think that’s the case here

  38. Interesting. That would put this episode at second only to the Krayt Dragon in length, if I'm not mistaken. I'll have to get up extra early to catch both it and Bad Batch...

  39. What's really frustrating is when we decide that we're gonna throw a curveball with the pronunciation. Southern Illinois is known as "Little Egypt". There's a town there called Cairo. They pronounce it "Kay-Ro".

  40. Hardcore: Performance is most important

  41. I don't exactly hate the word but I had a coworker describe a cake using the word "decadent" multiple times within a short amount of time and I was like...yes, that's technically correct but you're weirding me out right now.

  42. The max and cheese was so good!

  43. I got real sick when I was in the third grade and couldn't keep anything down for like a week. First thing my mom did when I was able to eat was drive to Luby's and bring back two huge tubs of their Mac and Cheese.

  44. I noticed this and coupled with Din talking about being redeemed, and how he was told there was only one way but it felt like he was going to say that he really atones for removing his helmet, I truly think this will spark a "new" sect of Mandalorians where it is somewhat strict, but they can be redeemed by showing they're "sorry". I feel the foundling not completing his vow may be an allusion to this that the vow is not going to be as strict.

  45. I feel like Din's gonna ditch the rule by the end of it. He'll still mostly follow the Creed because that's all he's ever known, but he's not gonna get bent out of shape over the helmet thing anymore.

  46. Oh I don’t expect helmetless Mando as the rule now, I just mean there may be times where he takes it off and it isn’t a huge deal. But like I said, he’s done this his whole life, it’ll probably still be his default

  47. I think the only thing I didn't like about that episode was the twi'leks. But it's awesome

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