That episode changed my life as a straight man. (Television & game spoilers)

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  1. It’s completely normal- though one time my aunt got home after an overnight shift at the hospital, decided to sit for a couple minutes in the car and ended up sleeping in her driveway for two hours😂

  2. Not gonna lie, during the game I didn’t even get that they were a couple because of how much they hated each other. Better yet, what little remorse Bill had when they found Frank. I get that Bill was troubled, but you can’t show a love story without any love- and there was none of that.

  3. If you’re referring to their immature childlike humor, who’s stopping you? I started watching when I was eleven years old and I’m twenty two still quoting the show and talk like Mordecai and Rigby from time to time. I see a lot of myself in Rigby and that’s why the show will always be so special to me. As long as you have some sense of being an adult (like how both Mordo and Rigs end up finding during the finale montage) you’re golden!

  4. If you liked regular show, you might also like "close enough."

  5. Damn imagine not being able to sleep at night over the thought of two men fucking

  6. I highly recommend listening to the HBO podcast about this episode. They touch on the whole concept of Bill being alone for his entire life and talking to nobody, so the whole world is his closet really. And since there weren’t many openly gay people in 2003 (compared to what we see today) him meeting Frank was a godsend, especially with the global virus taking over the world. It finally gave him a purpose in life other than just surviving day by day

  7. My ex-girlfriend from senior year would visit the school EVERY. WEEK. when we started college. She also still talks about our shitty relationship and it’s been almost six years since we broke up.

  8. That is literally the worst haircut in the entire game lol

  9. It’s a funny story actually- JG Quintel was talking to Mike Roth (supervising producer) about the pilot script and what the character’s names would be.

  10. Bill owed Joel a favor because Joel came to his rescue when he got shot during the raid. As soon as Bill told Frank to call Joel, I immediately put that together.

  11. Fuck this show keeps getting better and better. I never liked Bill too much during the games but being able to explore his backstory and getting an in-depth to his character really makes me appreciate him and the story more. I’m also fine with the change they made where instead of Joel and Bill going on a journey to get a car, Bill left everything for Joel. It makes the love story even more powerful.

  12. Currently playing through that, can’t wait to see it

  13. That’s definitely not a thing- I’ve been watching since 2011 and would 100% remember

  14. Social media seems to circlejerk what are often reasonable criticisms into massively over-exaggerated meme hate. The leaks didn't help, but the same thing happens with other games all the time.

  15. I will say that the leaks played into it. The story got spoiled, it wasn’t the story I was hoping for, therefore I didn’t play it. But there’s so much in-between content that I’ve been loving, which will probably make the actual story worth playing

  16. Your comparison has nothing to do with the subject of the conversation, seems like a fallacy. That is a pattern of speech that shows bad faith when talking about people. It's not a meme, it's something very real.

  17. You know that nobody’s actually reading these? We’re just downvoting and scrolling

  18. It’s probably crossed every man’s mind at one point, but the second it comes out of them they say nevermind

  19. I mean, the right wing does tend to contradict themselves in more embarrassing ways than the left. At least, it’s more prominent

  20. Karma serves no purpose but to give the typical Reddit user an ego boost. This is the only platform where you can have absolutely zero friends and still get some type of attention, so you can picture how rewarding karma can be to this type of demographic

  21. I’d like to know about Tad’s upbringing. According to the Bully fan wiki:

  22. That episode is a hard pass when it come on!! I hate that episode so badly!

  23. I kinda wish people would quit saying this. Regardless of what happens at the end, this episode has all the elements of a great episode of Regular Show. Mordecai and Rigby being trapped at work, an awesome fight scene, etc.

  24. You’re right. They really did their job well. Too well! I just know I skip it haha

  25. I’ve always said, showing up to time on things is the least amount of respect you should show for people.

  26. This song right here. The kind of song where you blast your headphones, turn off your bedroom lights and lay on the floor. That and Wasting Angels

  27. This job forced me to be a morning person which helped me mentally. It gave me a better work ethic and mindset

  28. I once had an annoying group of middle schoolers come in, and when I was putting away dishes a kid yelled from across the counter “hey can I have a glass of water” when there was an obvious drink station behind him

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