1. I got it as #1 !!! I'm so happy! But honestly I had no idea that I had streamed it this much

  2. To me personally the best rookies were Xdinary Heroes. I love a kband and I find their releases so far the most exciting and new (and they kind of filled that emptiness of Day6 and Onewe military era for me).

  3. Honestly, I don't get the point of speculating and concluding either of the possible scenarios (them reuniting or them not) I just focus on what's going on right now. If he goes solo forever, great, cuz he seems to be doing well for himself. And if he goes back to the band w/o going back to JYPE; even better. If there's an addition to D6, maybe it'll be hard to digest at first, but it's not something that's never happened before. There are other bands that have members that joined later. If you hate on whoever joins, that just hurts D6 and thus Jae himself whom these people claim to love so much. Cuz he may not be in D6, but I'm sure he still cares about the members.

  4. Sadly I'm past this point now. I mean we've been saying this for months. . . . . . . . . . . But still just release the song already!!!

  5. Ngl I'm curious to see what his strategy is lmao. Tiktok is banned in my country so I'll be camping here for his tiktok updates :)

  6. he shouldve done his worm dance while he's down there

  7. do you guys really think there’s that much of a difference between his voice in day6 and him as eaj? /gen for me it’s pretty clear that it’s the same person.

  8. Best. DAY6. Album. Ever. The energy. The aesthetics. The flow. The immaculacy in every-single-song. The genre diversity. The experimentalism. Have had, is having, and will have a chokehold on me for a veryyy long time.

  9. It could go out of hand in some cases, but for me it mostly proves to be useful. It gets me to do the things that I have to do despite not wanting to do them...for eg. romanticizing adulting.

  10. Hey, sometimes it's okay to let the people close to you that you're going through a rough time even if it worries them, because most of the times, they know what you need. But if you don't feel comfortable with that, we're here...you can share anything you want here :)

  11. Even I used to think I'm asexual, but idk anymore. Although I've only dated one guy, I can kind of relate, cuz the people that I find interesting as potential partners are really diverse. I think it might be because the things /topics/activities that I'm interested in; they vary a lot. So I end up having something in common with a diverse group of people...so that might be it? Does it apply to you as well?

  12. Ghost stories, Space facts, Conspiracy theories, Introversion vs extroversion, Stupidity.

  13. Agreed, agreed, agreed. On our first listen, we would often think that eaJ is singing 50 proof to a former lover or just someone from his past. But I love that later on, people started wanting to dedicate it to eaJ as a reminder to him that he is loved by us.

  14. This is such an interesting interpretation! I've never thought of it this way before. Because of my past experiences, I think I immediately related to this line as describing how depression feels at time. For some people going through it, it can strangely feel as though "you know why, but you don't know why" you're feeling this way simultaneously.

  15. I didn't think it was boring, but I certainly see your point, it could've been more fast paced. I liked the 1st season more than the second. But I'm still sad it got cancelled

  16. It's strange because I still wanted to see more. I guess I had expectations of more nincompoopness. Like using satellites to locate your mom who has dementia....

  17. I'm pretty sure I start every sentence with, "I think"

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