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  1. Do they know any British sitcoms or standups? If they like Ghosts, the first of Charlotte Ritchie's series, for example. Or the New Years Treat for Derry Girls fans.

  2. I've watched every world cup since I could form memories and have never come accross the sticker books, I think it might be a British thing. All the people who brought them in seemed quite proud of it.

  3. They're available in the US, Target carries them. The book is like $2 and a pack of six stickers is like $1.25. It's a fun way to learn some of the players, if you only follow top leagues or one team.

  4. Without this announcement, it's a fine sentiment. I thought it was in support of un-cards. Hell I don't even hate this product, just the price point.

  5. Tinfoil hat moment: this is the first step to meaningfully abolishing the Reserved List. They'll "listen to their customers" and make the next version of this way more accessible, and then they'll "listen to their customers" like they did for Unfinity and officially allow the third version at casual play and shops, and the fourth version will have a rule change that makes them playable at Regular REL.

  6. Yeah, these are just parts of the Big Cheat. Beating Primagen unlocks invincibility and all items cheats.

  7. I mean, I someone in a relationship with someone else who can be very persistent in being purposefully useless, it also get tiring of asking to do something and having to systematically check behind them.

  8. I mean, "being mad your partner doesn't do their allocation of chores" is a very different issue than "being mad your partner doesn't psychically divine that the way they were taught to load the dishwasher is somehow totally wrong and the way your parents taught you to load the dishwasher is some great divinely inspired perfect method".

  9. Technically Helmut Schon was an East German coaching West Germany.

  10. Double or triple the starting life gains/penalties. Some of the best ones have like -5 starting life, and that's negligible in EDH. -10, -12, -15, and you're starting to have a meaningful penalty.

  11. JN's like "Who is this Gravenberch you speak of?"

  12. People say this but it sounds insane to spikes. It's a legal game piece you're just choosing to not use even if it's optimal. I get that it works for plenty of people but it will sound to a certain sort of highly enfranchised player like someone saying "just don't feed one of your children" as a solution to needing to find ways to save money. The stakes are obviously lower, this is all just a game, but it's just a completely unacceptable answer for people whose only real limitation to optimizing things is the absurdly prohibitively priced cards they don't own.

  13. It has some combo lines, but its a six mana creature that is a mono-colored commander or a reanimator target. K'rrik is far more explosive as a commander and if you're reanimating a combo piece you're almost always better off with Razaketh or Vilis.

  14. My perception as someone who doesn't follow your league is that you lose 34 games a year and are still somehow second at the end of the season.

  15. Sometimes Leverkusen and RB draw, or Bayern drops points to Gladbach and BVB loses a game they're not even playing. Its way more than 34/year

  16. I played Commander in the era when sleeves were sold in packs of 40 or 60 and you had to buy two or three packs and always had like 20 random sleeves left over.

  17. Yes, you can exile the Ox from your hand to put a Plains from your Mana Deck into play.

  18. At the start of every game, go to menu in the lower left of the screen, and HQ or Options, I forget which, and uncheck "auto design units". Now only units you will specifically design will show up, besides basic former, basic colony pod, basic sea transport, and native life. This will remove 99% of the unit clutter. If you build something for a very specific purpose, just mark it obsolete (not Retire) after building. Also mark obsolete when an ally donates you some weird unit.

  19. I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't grifting old people for funding to destroy human civilization.

  20. Specifically, I would recommend a turboNaus list, some kind if stax-aggro like Winota, some kind of non-turbo ThOracle+Breach deck, and some kind of Razakats or Hulk or Worldgorger deck.

  21. First, they don't HAVE to be killed. You can kill the guy, loot him if he has something the quest needs, and run away, absolutely fine.

  22. To exclude cards would be to editorialize. We didn't want to yell people which cards to vote on or how to vote

  23. Personally I would way rather have some kind of rock-bottom-basic criteria like "appears in five decks on the database" and cut hundreds or maybe thousands of cards from the endless scroll and face the tiny chance of accidentally culling some kind of weird niche hate than sit here voting not salty on dozens of cards like [[Royal Herbalist]] [[Cabal Pit]] and [[Shadowbane]]

  24. Can confirm I was never depressed during lockdowns or any other moment during the pandemic.

  25. TBH I was happier than I have maybe ever been as an adult during lockdown. Time with my partner, time with myself, no cars and buses, being able to use work time to focus on actual work without having to spend a million hours a day in smalltalk, pointless headcount meetings, and travel. Walking every day in the fresh air with my head up for my own health and enjoyment, not looking at a clock or a map the whole time.

  26. Have any of the other international versions had enough series for a champion of champions yet? I'm just wondering if we have enough champion of champions yet to do an international champion of champion of champions?

  27. Kongen Befaler is just starting series 6, and Bast i Test has finished its series 6.

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