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I needed this today

  1. I dont know if I can listen to his music anymore man

  2. I've been thinking this for a long time, Bruce has had such a dark and depressing story and a real, satisfying conclusion to his character should be a happy ending

  3. I feel like DC Animation has been shaky for a bit, with some highs and some lows, and I've been feeling worried that the animation side of DC being abandoned but this gives me a lot of hope

  4. The Batman twice had me going back to theaters

  5. I am actually so happy this movie is getting well received so ecstatic to go watch this

  6. Give me a trailer and I will have an ounce of hope that this will actually happen.Also give me an Old Republic trilogy

  7. Nightwing and Green Arrow are characters that need to have a Debut at this point, but it would be tough to maneuver Nightwing when we don't even know who the DCU's Batman is, but I think when we do get that information Nightwing will be vital for that

  8. The more I learn about this movie the less I like it

  9. Gotham Knights half price already, damn.

  10. I'm waiting for 75%, I'm a big fan of Batman comics so I think I'll enjoy it even if the game isn't polished

  11. Got the 6800xt and am very satisfied of my purchase. As a 1080p gamer, I don’t need more.

  12. I thought I was the only 1080p gamer getting a 6800XT

  13. Red Dead finally hit 20 after I get my 6800 XT I cannot wait to play it after waiting for so long

  14. James Cameron made some sort of deal with the devil I am not gonna doubt him

  15. I can't believe people actually think this

  16. Just my luck the processor and case I buy gets a sale the day after 🤑

  17. I need you to buy ram and a gpu next.

  18. Planning on getting a 6800 XT this upcoming week so keep your eyes open

  19. Most of the characters in Black Adam are not known by the majority of people, it's a weak excuse and the movie limping to 400M isn't a good look.

  20. Anyone not jumping on this because they want a better deal is kidding themselves. Look at 3080 prices.

  21. I went to Micro Center yesterday and couldn't find anything as good as this, especially on Nvidia side

  22. A Red Dragon 6800 XT went on sale on Amazon for $554 yesterday. It sold out in under an hour and its back up to $800 range now.

  23. I've tried to get my hands on one but that model specifically sells out so fast

  24. Bro I just bought this yesterday fuck me

  25. I need this type of motivation to code rn but you definitely should tone it down before your health gets dangerously bad and you get burnt out of programming

  26. Hot Take but this is a competitive game, I'm not saying that we should have be fine with people typing like its cod but trash talking and banter is a part of the fun

  27. I thought this was satire because the post got removed 💀

  28. Might just pull the gun on a 6750xt or a 6800 looks like Nvidia is going to be pretty bad next gen and I'm getting tired of waiting for a new gpu

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