1. Cant blame them for trying to catch a glimpse😍😘😍

  2. Okay, you're not someone's type. Judging by the pictures there's not a damn thing wrong with you and that's their loss not yours, as far as taking a long time to like someone yeah it happens especially if you had a bad experience you move on eventually like I said there's not a thing wrong with you that I can see so try again and let life continue on a pace. Just beware of assholes 😎

  3. Getting ready for a spinal injection. If it doesn't work I go in for neck surgery number three 🤕

  4. Five car accidents two I shouldn't have walked away from, a life being used as heavy machinery, and 16 years of security work where I've been everything but shot. In other words life LOL. I have become the proud owner of more titanium than I care to think about but it is fun going to the airport cuz you scare the hell out of the TSA agents 😘😁

  5. Yes, but up close n personal would be better😈

  6. Definitely would grab that flawless ass😘

  7. Stares in rapt attention..all yours Mistress😍😈😍

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