1. Do you have a link to all of these?

  2. https://i.imgur.com/cS8iwTa.gif

  3. One of the Willie's had white widow in lineage. I forget which one though

  4. Has anyone had any success contacting hon? First time trying the company will probably be my last as well.

  5. I've never seen a-cedrene. Weird

  6. This is distillate right?

  7. I was told that all certified flower was freeze-dried. Add one a while ago that was called pheno hunt 2 and I want to say the myrcene in content was in the 30s

  8. I'm almost always on that road in my dream. One of my most vivid dreams from years ago was off a trail on the side of that road. It lead to a hiking trail, and at the end of the trail was this vertical campground type place, where there were people either living or visiting, who I knew like they were friends or family. I remember it probably 10 years later for some reason.

  9. I've got sour plums and it's totally decent

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