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  1. It's all useless bro pseudo-science shit. If you aren't cranking it all day every day, there's no issue. healthy moderation with healthy viewing habits is fine. ignore the bro-douches.

  2. anyone got good clips of the dahmer guy. I can remember a few occasions where mackle would just let him go with the austism.

  3. Keep pushing god mode giveaway scam in all the comments and tweets to all these YT personalities.

  4. Champ is getting clobbered in the comments. He's deleted all my comments, but the normies are even more savage.

  5. How predictably cookie-cutter and cringe. But I just can't get over one thing, if we take him at his word (which, I wouldn't mind you) imagine folks if you will, you have a cozy little low-effort normie vidya channel, you've diligently built up industry access over the years that grants you a rolodex of voice talent connections and you make that your bread and butter of the channel.

  6. Put up an apology video 2 hours ago. Someone should bring up the MDL scam he was in on. I don’t think the apology is genuine, I think he’s just sorry he got caught.

  7. I've pushed it around to a whole bunch of news outlets. Some peeps are looking into it. I've provided as much info as I can about it. I think with MDL being attached they are wary of giving much of shit about it.

  8. This was him pre-confession. Some no name dude caught him out before Scheirer started tweeting about it and ran damage control. He doubled down before it blew up and then he apologised (which he then deleted) then apologised again in a statement to gaming-insider.

  9. I think you're mostly right (but it's far funnier than that) one industry side dude was heavily speculating on Twitter that it might be him, to which I believe he was denying in discord, and in his dumb ass haste and panic he ran damage control on his reallinsider account but he dun fucked up and used his Dan Allen account instead and then Scheirer nailed him.

  10. Dan Allen also used his industry clout and ties to flip preview and review codes given to him by the publisher to be used in a scam giveaway for profit where he and Youtube troll Michael Does Life ran an illegal raffle for game codes.

  11. Just to take into account he used game codes given to him by publishers for the express purpose of preview and review purposes on his YT account to give to Mackle to run a scam giveaway for profit. All the while selling them out by breaking numerous NDAs. Talk about low, this guy was just taking the piss.

  12. I’m pretty sure this account is not Michael. The account used on his sub Reddit was

  13. Eat my shit, Michael Scott Phillips. I'll get ya a bowl and spoon.

  14. This should be nominated for an oscar. Hard-hitting investigative world class journalism.

  15. tl;dr: Used YouTube to run an illegal online gambling competition.

  16. Who are the tards donating to him? His show is such boring trash now that he censored everyone it’s unwatchable.

  17. Mostly just the wrench fags of the blue man group. WrestlingSimp, I'm a Fuckin' Paypig, Troy Sports & Feltching, Frank Gayves, JustinD (tho, he's been suspiciously quiet since he dono'd $50 to end the timer and Mackle shut the stream down 5 minutes later... burnt much?)

  18. donos in the toilet. same 5 people giving him welfare. so sad.

  19. Sad part is as bad as Mackle’s show has gotten it’s still better than dillons! Man he is terrible and I can’t believe anyone watches that shit!

  20. He's always been insufferably mid. Tho, checking out his stream yesterday, Abu Gamers dropped like $150 on him, lol. Mackle must be seeeeeeeeeeething that he pissed off that guy, he must be the son of a Saudi oil baron or something? Just the flagrant pissing away of cash like that is like....... whut?

  21. There are so, so soooo many no name mods now, people you have no idea who they are and when they came into the community. I swear, they throw Mackle a red dono once and they join the blue man group. I have been banned so many times on so many alts, I just don't keep up with wrench [email protected] anymore.

  22. Couldn't block and ban that fine sassy Nubian queen, huh Mackle?

  23. Shout out to Paulie Wallnuts, beautiful send-off to the fat cunt. But fo real, why would Mackle keep him on? All of his big pushes were either scam shit that could've ended his channel, running to Dillon to diss the goss and stir things up, or a creepy AF solicitation of a young girl to play a "gamer girl" infatuated with Mackle's content, which ended up being nuclear cringe. Towards the end he just became a needy lil bitch, constantly whining and getting jealous of the real fans he was meeting in LA.

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