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  1. Man… it makes my day when I see Trump having a bad time…. I LOVE IT!

  2. you mean i should believe this guy? this absolute huckster and liar... and know hoaxster? yeah, no.

  3. The green / white ranger… Tommy/Jason. He was a hero in my childhood.

  4. Checa que esa promesa sea real. Puede ser puro cuento. Generalmente las Green cards están muy restringidas para los mexicanos, se las dan más a gente de la India y Asia.

  5. Esto no es verdad. Al mexicano profesional la GC es más rápido que un indu, te la pueden dar en 1 año después de empezado el trámite.

  6. look up "israeli art students 9/11" on something other than google or youtube.

  7. Depopulation when the world population just hit and passed 8 million record….

  8. For the people with listening problems (deaf, bad hearing) can someone transcribe what she is saying please? Thank you.

  9. You're going to be waiting a LONG time my friend

  10. I can, I haven’t even played souls 2 and 3 lol maybe I’ll get it in 5 years. No issues.

  11. All 4 of the cops that killed themselves over 1/6 should be remembered for their bravery and commitment to ending the coup and putting down the rebellion.

  12. But these 4 participated in it? Or we’re defending the capitol?

  13. Agreed with you, pretty much the same complaints as you have and a bit upset that now a year or so after release almost none of the bugs are fixed and pretty much nothing in terms of new content is added.

  14. Are you sure you played the ascent? I just finished it today and my experience was completely different to what you are describing.

  15. 1-complete all side missions to get all or most augmentations and tacticals.

  16. Not at all like the ascent… ascent is 10/10, hades is meh die meh repeat.

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