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Credit Suisse is Fucked—How A Reporter Reached Out to Me in October

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I will try to add this indicator on my end to see how it has been worked. Btw, I found today's chart is exactly matching to Jan 26-27 -20%drop and rip on Jan 30. Tomorrow, I am exepcting this to move up rapidly.

  2. https://giphy.com/gifs/l6Td5sKDNmDGU

  3. It's not hype. It's called "Pattern Recognition" also used by hedgefunds. Get yourself educated from this vid if needs to :

  4. In the morning tomrrow, bbby should rip. We are currently experiencing exactly same chart as Jan 26-27 drop.

  5. At this point, with shf shorting the hell out of the stock at this current below a dollar price, we can expect one of them joining as a board member.

  6. Ha! Intersting, how this CS chairman in the interview today mentioned about "the last Autumn social media storm.. affected by the market model used to work that does no longer work.."

  7. Good find! I like the fact he is saying, "When HBC exercise their warrants just like options, the money goes straight to the company." So Bbby bascially can raise money without dilution.

  8. The only thing that makes any of this bullshit make sense is if it is a bear trap.

  9. Yes that's exactly it. Last Augusy when RC sold his shares was the time thay deal was made out and shf crooks found the information and made RC look bad as pump & dumper and file lawsuit against him which are all dismissed and made me believe it was part of their plan.

  10. I just got my refund. I just made step by step how:

  11. U-Copy!!!!! that's exactly the kind of bullishness i need in my life. you the man

  12. https://giphy.com/gifs/U634xW7LKU0sU

  13. I am afraid that squeeze is out now, because they are not done with dilution

  14. nope it's actually opposite. Short are heavily on this stock. More dilution is good for them because they cannot locate their synthetic naked shorts. Therefore, they used diluted shares to cover shorts. You can check out AMC dilution history. Whenever dilution happened, within a month or 2, short covering occured. As someone who were in AMC squeeze play, I am very confident about squeeze is still in bbby.

  15. Nice write up, but you are wrong with the dates of GREE M&A. This was definitely not 2022. And also don’t stay for too long, as people Did with SPRT and GREE… look at the chart. I do recommend to take a look at CEI they did a reverse split and look hoe this has turned out.

  16. That date was written on the chart is for the first announcement of M&A, March 22

  17. Much obliged U-Copy. Good write up. If I’m not mistaken, you mentioned the cup and handle prediction on a previous PPshow episode this past week.

  18. Oh haha Thank you! 🙌🔥💪

  19. From my squeeze play experience, postive improvements won't trigger squeeze. Shorts will delay as long as they can until they are forced to cover their short positions. And then you think, What makes them force covering? The trigger is a change of CUSIP number from reverse-split. In the filing, they also mentioned that they will need to count new shares post the reverse-split. So all those short positions and naked shorts must be closed before the date the reverse split. Institutions who lent out their 90% of their shares must be returned if they want to vote and have their voting power. In the next 2 weeks and april would be very fun!

  20. Yes. They also literally said that in the filing.

  21. So Originally BBBY had about 116M shares and it looks like they diluted about 220M shares.

  22. I'm preparing myself for the flood of posts this weekend on "why the reverse split will make the stock squeeze" and another flood of posts on "why the reverse split will kill the squeeze"...

  23. Today's BBBY filing actually said this:

  24. You just hodl. As their filing said, new cusip change due to Reverse stock split, it's used to count the number of shares. Therefore they are forced to cover their short positions. Also with the new dilution, it's very well orchestrated play to me. AMC also diluted their shares in Nov-Dec 2020 and Squeeze happened in Jan. Amc also diluted their shares in Feb-April 2021 and squeeze happened in May-June

  25. GREE also went up 2000% about 2 weeks before reverse stock split happened back in 2021 Aug

  26. Yep. It's actually in the Today's BBBY filing guys. Here is cropped version of it.

  27. The charts are not indicating exactly. However I want to share my point here. Amc diluted shares in 2020 Dec and 2021 April, and squeeze occured end of next month. This is because short sellers used the diluted shares to cover their short positoona. Reverse stock split is also announced today and because CUSIP # will be changed, shorts are forced to cover their shorts. Check GREE August 2021.

  28. I really hope you are correct, but I don't think a simple CUSIP number change by itself would force shorts to close. I just made this post below to explain why:

  29. It does. Please read the filing. Here is cropped part of New Cusip change from today's BBBY SEC filing:

  30. need insurance bad i guess 😂

  31. I mentioned couple times in thePPshow. AMC diluted shares in 2020 Dec and 2021 April. and the price plummented however, SHF used those diluted shares to cover their naked short positions. I personally don't think they are not diluting shares right now but in my opinion, BBBY will dilute their shares in May or June after this coming run up in April. and MM and SHF will use those shares to cover their short positions so I expect the massive short squeeze will possibly happen 5 months after April run-up which is Septemeber and September ususally has market crash or market correction.

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