1. Getting good at leetcodes easy. Redo an advanced DSA course and code a little bit of leetcode everyday and you’ll be good to go imo. I specially if you’re already a cs grad. I think the most important skill is a little bit of coding everyday

  2. This maybe out of the context but any specific reason that you moved out from Devops to Backend SDE ?

  3. Indian(4.5yrs), moved to Ireland as the job was getting very monotonous

  4. Thanks for sharing. How has your experience been in Ireland (work/integrating into the culture thing) ? With a high COL and housing crisis, is it worth moving there ? I believe you have PR/citizenship if I am not wrong based on the critical skill shortage visa as you moved quite way back. How often do you travel back to India on vacation ?

  5. That's encouraging ! Thank you so much. What is the strategy you have been following from the scratch ?

  6. Took over a cloud support role in a bigger company than taking a SE role in a shitty company. 2 years into this role and I feel I have rusted out beyond repair. Take up NSA.

  7. Can you tell what specifically would knowing the fundamental mean ? When exactly would I be able to tell that I have mastered the fundamentals ?

  8. Dara structures and basic algos first. Then Grokking the Coding Interview, learn patterns designgurus.org. Practice a lot.

  9. Can you speak on what someone should be covering in DS and Algo ? Should be it know all the algorithm at the back of my head or just knowing is fine ?

  10. I applied for a role which demanded 4 years of experience while I was barely having 1.3 years and still got in :D, Keep applying, the worst they can say is a no.

  11. Okay, I've one question though. Is there any cool down period just in case I was not able to clear the online assessment?? Talking about online assessment not interview. Also, what is the usual one if there is (for both online assessment and interview)??

  12. I am really not sure about the cool down period but some companies do have that, you may wanna check that. OA and Interview depends on the company.

  13. starting out with leetcode extensively this summer - hmu incase you are interested.

  14. Worst case scenario is to apply to a WITCH type consulting company. That was my pathway.

  15. Keep working your full time job but start lowering the amount of effort you put in. Also Leetcode is more about pattern recognition. Learn the fundamental algos/data structures and you'll have a much easier time

  16. "Also Leetcode is more about pattern recognition. Learn the fundamental algos/data structures and you'll have a much easier time" can you please share some more insights on this ?

  17. It's a paid course. You can buy it from the original authors (

  18. Sorry as this is unrelated but what is the time period for the Fall internships usually ?

  19. I did all the Easy question in the Grind75 list. Like first understood solution through and through then implemented each

  20. So basically did you go through the solution first after reading the problem statement or did you try it out on your own and then moved to the sol part. I am thinking about following the same approach but have been told to try the question out for atleast an hour before jumping into the sol. What do you suggest ?

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