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Artist Jonathan Harris and his painting titled “Critical Race Theory”

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  1. I'm ignorant in this matter, so please excuse my question if it's rude. What do they track it for? Does it help keep track of hormones and how well treatment is working? I've not heard of mtf having physical blood periods.

  2. They do not have physical blood periods. This does not stop them from tracking one as though they did.

  3. Is it a hormonal thing or a gender confirming thing? If you don't feel comfortable telling me, then please ignore my question! 🙏

  4. I honestly don't know. I would assume gender confirming, tho. Based on my admittedly limited interactions with them.

  5. Lol. They can ask you to sign whatever. The fact they need you to sign it to enforce it tells you where your rights lie.

  6. "Her breasts quivering with gravity in a way that really makes me wish I had a word that wasn't quite "quivering" but I failed English."

  7. A massive overhaul of the social and medical foundations of this nation will nip a massive percentage of reasons for current violence from ever even being considered.

  8. DM that drove the switch from 5e late 2020 made his own flat screen TV in a box and connects it to his laptop with fancy maps he builds himself for his homebrew campaign. Some people prefer their paper sheets and others their character sheet apps. Everyone prefer rolling their physical dice. DM also got really into painting miniatures and for Christmas got us each our own custom character mini that he painted.

  9. Why did he give it the opposite title of what it's depicting?

  10. I want the source of this. I predict anyone will believe anything that’s posted.

  11. I believe the source is Twitter based on the handle and checkmark and stuff. Otherwise maybe Google some of phrases used? Might help? Idk, good luck!

  12. A petite half-orc girl raised between her mother's orc tribe and father's human village. Her acrobatics helped her spar with her orc cousins, but it wasn't until she accepted a pact with baba yaga and became a witch that she felt strong enough to stand tall.

  13. Have you heard of class archetypes? They are archetypes that can augment a class's core features. One of them, called

  14. That one they're already working on with Marvel sized budgets. Watch the YouTube videos covering it.

  15. With the speed my campaign is going, it'll be another 15 years before we finish the campaign.

  16. I am male. Therefore I am sexually dumb. If there's a chance I can get laid that will be where my mind goes. I literally ask my wife when she wants to cuddle if sex is on the table tonight so I can stop my brain from trying to find an opening to initiate and instead just enjoy time with her. Without that door being shut for the night in my brain I will always be unsure and keep trying.

  17. I love this post! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I’m kind of interested though, how much was she getting before the hearing (dollar amount) versus after the hearing? I know you gave the percentage, but I was really looking forward to seeing that she was getting $7k a month before and only like $3k after (made up numbers).

  18. 3 months in with a total of 13,000 which is 72% of OP's income is roughly 6k/month that OP earns. 40% of 6k is 2,400. This means that that same 3 month period in which he paid 13,000 to her is now court ordered to only be 7,200. She was getting roughly $4,333 a month before she "won" her court case and now OP is court ordered to pay her only $2,400 instead. She knew her rights and screwed herself out of about $2k/month.

  19. As a mental health worker since 2005 I don't trust that at all. Something definitely happened to him, but whether it's good or bad only time will tell. He's got "graduation goggles" for some reason right now like when you put in your two weeks notice and suddenly everything at work that sucked doesn't matter because you made a decision. Be wary; he made a decision.

  20. I m talking about experience from two 1-16 level campaing of Pf. Legacy of fire and Carrion Crown.

  21. That's fair. Second Edition fixes most of those problems with their 3 action system, degrees of success system, and (most importantly for your comparison with PF1) only 4 types of bonuses; status, circumstance, item, and untyped. Gone are the days from pf1 where you have to remember to add 14 different types of bonuses due to circumstances of this round and only 8 bonus in the next round.

  22. This just shows they had no problem firing bad cops when they're black. Get rid of qualified immunity and arrest them.

  23. Isn't that the one where Griffith "falls"?

  24. The eclipse is in Volume 3 or 4. Volume 2 is around the start of The Golden Age. 1 is mostly Black Swordsman.

  25. Ah, then yeah, this is definitely infuriating.

  26. Can Jojo just shut the fuck up and leave me alone for a single god damn week? I just want one singular week without a Jojo meme, or some dumbass asking "IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE?!" to obviously unrelated bullshit.

  27. It's literally a vampire from a stone mask in which an MC sacrifices themselves to destroy and you call it "obviously unrelated"? I get hating JoJo, but you barely even understand it enough to dislike it. Watch it, then you can hate it with the rest of us.

  28. C o o p e r a t i v e W a f f l e s

  29. I thought for sure she'd drop it again jumping around like that.

  30. I had no idea the textured finish came from simply running a push broom through it.

  31. After you saw the equipment, you kept going. That's all on you. You hooked up with a dude pretending to be a woman. You don't have a time machine to go change things, but you really should get STD tested. I am sure he has giving his virginity several times.

  32. Happy Just Bake the Cake Day, transphobe!

  33. It happened today at work. I'm the only employee here during my shift (overnight), and each week, I need to do a full count of all client medications (13 people right now).

  34. I've done that job on midnights for a non consecutive total of 7 years. If day shift med count is off you will be the one blamed; not afternoon shift where it likely occurred as your shift "passes count".

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