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  1. Juice is juice, squash is when you dilute strong stuff with water.

  2. Cheers, thanks for the update. I just tried to reproduce that myself ten minutes ago, and finishing "Get Noticed" also did the trick for me. I'll pass that on, glad to hear it works now!

  3. Pls help me. I'm on xbox one and it is not downloading. I'm lvl 31 and up to the very last mission.

  4. That hurt but I wouldn’t count it as a release. James theoretically could visit Cacena anytime. It’s extremely unlikely Jessie and Dustox will ever cross paths again

  5. Gen 6 is my favourite region and haven't even played it

  6. i wanted to be blacephalon but i got naganadel

  7. I got blacephalon and I'm not happy Wanna trade?

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