1. If you have thieves in the hood, build a box for deliveries to be put in. Anchor it to the steps or house.

  2. It was at least an hour before I realized this was looping and I was still watching.

  3. Amusement parks. Waiting in horrendously long lines to be tossed around in restraints for 30-45 seconds. Rinse and repeat all day long in miserable heat. Eat shitty unhealthy food that is borderline inedible. Guzzle sugary liquid that only makes you thirstier.

  4. Giving and receiving is incredible. My lady and I both enjoy not being able to sit comfortably for a day or 2.

  5. Hey assholes, there are a bunch of busy people with ADHD who would like to stop having clothes that go through 3 or 4 wash cycles because we are incapable of getting our shit together enough to make alarms, remember what they are for, remember we have loads going. Any idea what it is like having your clothes smell like mildew because you don't have the executive function required to do all the steps in a timely fashion?

  6. "Amy Pond", hehehehe. Noice. I understood that reference. Karen is so cool.

  7. Jokes asides, the flood of 93 was insane. Has there been one that surpassed it there since? I moved right after.

  8. Nope. 93 was the 500 year flood event. We are 100% safe for another 471 years. Because there are no 750 year flood events. No 300 year flood events. And we built bigger and better levees.

  9. Nice try Mr or Mrs Whatever Alphabet Agency. I ain't a narc. Snitches get stitches.

  10. I got rid of my Fold 2 back in July. I had it for just over a year and the crease was full of micro fractures.

  11. He is being thorough. Is there a problem? If you don't want your insides massaged, mention it.

  12. You have to say stuff like this if you want people to buy your product. A&W couldn't compete against McDogfood because the gen pop thought the 1/4 pounder was bigger than the 1/3 pounder they offered. Why? 'Cause 4 is bigger than 3. Maff skillz.

  13. I have nothing else to compare it to. All my wominzes have been smoke shows. The one I wed was also a total show at smoking pole.

  14. Ten years ago. I would love to have skipped the pain of my incurable health problems. So sick of this shit. I need a permanent vacation.

  15. I will start by saying the attention to detail is amazing. The realism is astonishing. Quality materials.

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