Will you circumcise your future children? Why?

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  1. Just got my first one for $6500, used...

  2. Close with the shattered husk. Nah, I'm talking about myself.

  3. Can you link me to the reputable source that shows that Hitler committed genocide against the rich who shared his views? Thanks. ✨️

  4. Jeez, what school did this guy go to?

  5. Never. That's a literal piece of their body that has no reason to be removed other than cosmetic, and anyone who is more concerned with how their baby's privates look than their baby's pain/mutilating their body is worthy of more than a side eye. It's not for hygiene either, just wash your little one properly then teach then how to do it themselves once they're old enough. If they really want the procedure, they can make that call when they're older.

  6. I was trying to search “do autistic people experience the uncanny” because I had to read Freud’s “The Uncanny” for my psychoanalysis and film class.

  7. Can't relate. Anything uncanny valley related lights up my fear responses like a firecracker. I don't get the fear of snakes, spiders, and other creepy crawlies though, so who knows.

  8. Nta. Block them. All of them. Anyone who believes her lies should not be allowed at your wedding or in your life, because they will tell her everything, and she'll use that to make more lies. She'll start accusing you of affairs, theft, violence, maybe child abuse in the future. With how much you've been gaslit, I'm surprised she didn't lie and say you stole her boyfriend. She's a snake, pure and simple.

  9. For real. There are so many behemoths with varied abilities, it would be simple to take an existing transmog, morph it to make it unique, slap a unique effect on it, and bam. This is of course, incredibly reductionist, but the idea remains. Imagine legendary lanterns...

  10. We already have that with the purple orbs from pulse, but they only last like 5 seconds :/ I feel you.

  11. As someone who carries A LOT, running into a group of slayers running this omnicell in a hesca sounds like a nightmare. Heck, running into them on the hunting grounds might cause me to turn tail.

  12. A lot of slayers are not the best at dodging so who knows what would happen

  13. If that were true, barely anyone would be using tempest...

  14. I would actually be VERY interested on how they'd reintegrate the arrival emote into another community dependant event, considering the event we're talking about involved the switch over to new Ramsgate and the introduction of the umbral escalation.

  15. I love how there tons of content and dyes that are completely unavailable since I just started this game a few weeks ago. Everything should be unlockable with a lot of work and effort

  16. Then, from the developers' stand point, what would keep players continuously checking in with the game? Dauntless already has a problem with maintaining a player base, to the best of my knowledge, so nothing would keep players logging in. "Oh, there will be a ton more content in a year, then I'll get everything new and not log in again for ages,". And what would be the incentive and reward for players who do continue logging in daily? And what of the holiday events?

  17. Hi. I'm a Trinity, and Trin is a nickname I've had all my life. Go for it.

  18. You sound like a toddler. "BuT I WaS hErE fIRsT!". Yta.

  19. Depends. Did you find it it right side up or reversed? Either way, at least you didn't find the tower, then you're high key in trouble.

  20. For some reason, my brain always processed the pitcher as a comfort item. They just lost Gandalf, so the way he was cradling the pitcher like it's the only thing holding him together. Poor man is lowkey wandering around like a lost little boy.

  21. Homie, this might sound radical to you, but girls aren't exactly chomping at the bit to sleep with someone who only views them as a means to achieve personal validation. And I will tell you this, having sex will change nothing about you as a person, and you are only setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.

  22. This isn’t about the women, it’s about people hating virgins

  23. As a virgin, at 22, outside of high-school assholes, no one gives a shit about the status of your virginity. It literally means nothing. People don't hate virgins, they do, however, hate people who center their entire identity around being a virgin and their lack of ability to get laid.

  24. YTA. Aside from uncomfortable questions, why would you not want to have your uncle's and, by extension your mother's, last name? You father is a deadbeat, and you have no connection to him. I'm usually on original posters' sides with stuff like this, but there is literally no reasonable explanation as to why you wouldn't change your last name, regardless if a home was on the table or not. You owe your uncle an apology for not taking the family name earlier.

  25. NTA. She sounds like a nightmare. Honestly, you might want to sit the wedding out all together. I won't suggest trying to make your brother see sense, as he's deep in the fog. You might be about to lose your brother permanently.

  26. Apparently we need to install a bunch of XBox bloat ware just to get the game to run. What a crock of shite.

  27. Sweet mama, trying to get the babies to play with her. Must be the first litter lol

  28. And I'm assuming that you would have been thrilled having her face shoved into your bits during one of the most painful, vulnerable moments in your life? Yeah, uh huh, sure 🙄.

  29. They do this in Ohio too. Also fishing licenses as well, and if you owe so much, they revoke your drivers license as well.

  30. How the f are you supposed to pay child support if you can't get to work?

  31. This shit is so stupid lmao. Why’d she go then?

  32. Breaking news: people go to the doctor for a wide variety of reasons and doctors always ask about your menstrual cycle, even if you have a very obvious, unrelated ailment.

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