1. I think sensory issues coming with adhd make migraines more frequent. I've found that loop earplugs and using tinted glasses helps reduce my migraines by a fair amount because it's less stress trying to take in the information.

  2. For some reason the part in the song "Barbara Streisand" where there's the Oohs. It fucking terrifed me as a kid 😂

  3. Didn’t that song only come out like last year??! Fuck, I’m old.

  4. Oh shit it was 13 years ago... Fuck I'm old too 😭

  5. I have both the engage and the experiences. To be honest there's not too much difference between the two except I'd say the engages have slightly less occlusion effect and it's maybe just slightly easier to hear people (like there's a slight difference, but only if you're looking for it). If you want to be discreet, I'd personally go for the experiences in a metallic colour so they look like piercings - nobody asks questions then.

  6. It's irrelevant, they're just being arseholes. If you play and enjoy games, you are a gamer.

  7. You're welcome aha! Don't let the dickheads get you down :)

  8. If that walking puts you in a caloric deficit then you will lose weight, but regardless this is a healthy habit you should keep up!

  9. Used to be underweight as a kid and sitting really fucking hurt for semi-long periods of time. Especially on those hard school chairs.

  10. Can be cheaper (if you don't rely heavily on mock meat) and for me personally, I felt less sluggish. For years I had this sluggishness I couldn't pinpoint but after going vegetarian it went away. That's just me though, could be different for everybody.

  11. It sounds like you're suffering from depression and trying to use work as escapism. I did the same and trust me, it's not possible to work 24/7 without burnout, then your body and mind will force you to relax. Just slowly transition into it please

  12. For noses I suppose it makes sense since runny noses can mean more wiping and irritation. However for other piercings I'd argue it's actually better in winter since you're sweating less and that means less prone to infection. These are just minor differences though that probably wouldn't matter that much.

  13. Gentleman's sausage is the funniest shit I've heard all day 😭

  14. Start of autumn is bang on perfect weather. Not too hot, not too cold, the days are a sensible length. Love it.

  15. What's the fluffy fungus that looks like turkey tail? I've seen it on stumps and thought it was at first, but then it looks slightly too different for me to trust.

  16. Trametes is a large genus with almost 200 species, I don't know which one this is specifically.

  17. Rice is one of the cheapest foods per calorie on earth, so if you learn to make good rice and base your meals on that you'll be saving a lot :)

  18. I suppose the pasta is technically a more balanced meal so it would be better and more sustainable over time, however neither sound particularly healthy to eat every single day.

  19. Chile con (or sin) carne, curries, stir fries, wrap fillings. I add mixed beans or at least some sort of legume to nearly everything I eat for a protein boost.

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