1. I don't know how to feel about this. On one hand, you can say it's a hateful mod. But on the other hand, the mod that gets rid of all the white characters is still up.

  2. Historical/cultural context matters. "But what about white people?!?!?" is fucking braindead. Are you a literal child?

  3. No. Crossbow was damage nerfed. Wizards also are able to build HP through vigor gear now. You can easily get to 100+ HP just through the natural stats of the clothes.

  4. rendang is not even scratching the surface. there are lots of foods that are unnoticed that tastes as good or even better than rendang.

  5. What would you recommend? I love making exotic dishes.

  6. Javanese food feature turmeric rice or coconut rice with a protein and a variety of side dishes. I like these kind of dishes, and there's so many variations you can try, like nasi liwet, nasi rames, etc.

  7. I bet if there was a mod making a straight person Gay, it would stay up though...

  8. I bet you're one of the idiots who thinks calling a white person a cracker is the same as calling a black person the n word. Get the fuck out of here, nobody will condone supporting a nazi

  9. Maybe you could try reading the article. There's also like a million other comments here. Absolutely not an excuse.

  10. IME if anything would trigger the bonked cast then it does for the entire duration of MM.

  11. Even a spell that's already actively casting?

  12. Yea I've had my MM bonk when casting and looking down at a Spider

  13. I stopped playing since they announced the patch early in the week. I been trying to occupy myself with fighting games because I didn’t want to start another game I knew I’d be dropping after the patch.

  14. Same here. Been really enjoying fraymakers beta

  15. Pretty sure surrendering remains safer then. I doubt cops can just execute peoples that are prone on the ground without weapons without consquences.

  16. Tell that to Daniel Shaver. The cop who executed him on tape retired and is still being paid his pension to this day. I'm sure there are thousands of similar cases.

  17. Doesn't matter. You can't compare the shit show that calls itself police in the US with anywhere else in the world.

  18. We're certainly worse off than most. But, power and authority work mostly the same everywhere.

  19. Because the other side did such a good job 👍

  20. at least it hasnt been tried. Might as well take a chance, since Peronismo and their socialist populist measures hav ebrought the country to ruin.

  21. It hasn't been tried on a national scale because it's a fringe economic theory. It has been tried in some smaller communities. There is a small town in New Hampshire that is completely overrun with bears because libertarian local governance did not allow for regulation of trash disposal. You can find small experimental communities here and there, and they simply do not work very well.

  22. cant any class get fly as a free movement action from illithid powers? i had a paladin/warlock who could. storm sorcerers can fly after casting certain spells regardless of tentacle status though

  23. Druid wildshaping as raven can get fly as a free action without needing illithid powers

  24. IN JUST TWO YEARS The libertarian set up a party, won a seat in congress, and became president. Insane achievement. The people were tired of more of the same.

  25. Here to remind everyone that libertarianism is the philosophy of fools.

  26. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the U.S. backed military coup and subsequent decades of dictatorship.

  27. I never said it did. Read my comments. Having a tangentially related discussion on fluorine vs fluorophosgene.

  28. Reddit comment threading ironically makes it harder to follow when a conversation has branched off compared to old school forums with a quote button.

  29. Nah, motherfuckers just like to be right and don't wanna read

  30. Then stop playing if it's not fun. Get your whining off the subreddit. Christ it's nonstop.

  31. I heavily disagree, every class should have tools to deal with other classes to a degree. Otherwise we cant play what we want but have to play what is " good "

  32. They do. Ranger has piercing shot. Barb has reckless attack. Cleric has judgement. There's plenty of ways to deal with plate fighters. Those things just aren't meta because plate fighter isn't on literally every team

  33. they have tools and they dont work lol war maul used to do it but after the nerf... not so much.

  34. And how often do you see shit like that? Ive seen that maybe once or twice. I run mostly pdr fighter with my friends and we do actually die. It's a powerful class if you play it well. But claiming it has no counterplay is ridiculous.

  35. Because in order to make a material superconductive an extraordinary amount of heat transfer has to occur first. I dunno, if I'm wrong then I'm wrong but I feel like room temperature superconductors are in the same vein as perpetual energy devices.

  36. You're wrong. Superconductors exist, and thermodynamics work the same at all temperatures. It doesn't matter if it's 100 kelvin or 5 kelvin. They superconduct.

  37. Can you please point me to something that records Franklin having kids with a slave? I Googled it, but can’t find anything.

  38. My bad I was confusing him with Jefferson. I'll edit the post to correct it.

  39. I find it so loathsome how we lionize these terrible bastards. It's incredibly insensitive to the descendants of enslaved peoples. I'm disgusted with the American mythology.

  40. Do you think that "not everyone is going to initially support or even understand a just cause" is a bad message? Seems to me like something she herself should have taken to heart.

  41. There is literally never a coming to the light moment for Harry tho. He never actually figures out that house elf slavery is wrong. He's perfectly happy in every book to enjoy the benefits of it. So your point is moot, its not a part of a larger message. Rowling just doesn't think keeping house elves as slaves is that wrong. The message isnt "don't have slaves" the message is "be a kind master to your slaves", which is exemplified by Harry's relationship to his slave Kreacher.

  42. That's fair, but I don't think we're supposed to see Harry or Ron as being right on this issue. They're explicitly portrayed as ignorant and indifferent. It's Hermione, Dumbledore, and Dobby who take an interest and help them start to see the house elves' perspective.

  43. Idk man, Dumbledore administers a school which uses slave labor. Hermione is the only ethical person imo

  44. It`s insane. It really just boils down to Anti-Semitism. That`s literally the only thing

  45. You're full of shit. Anti-zionism is anti-colonialism, and has absolutely nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Read what Mandela had to say about it.

  46. There are a lot of people in this thread decrying terrorism done by Hamas and not nearly as many decrying the violence and brutality and death inflicted on the Palestinian civilians by Israel. They are not comparable in scope, power, or deaths.

  47. @Tuungsten Sounds like you are strong left and not even entertaining the idea that there could be any positives on the other side

  48. The only ones I can think of are simply tactics they use, and that isn't intrinsic to conservatism. I've been very interested in politics for a while, so if you have some, please share.

  49. Not trying to initiate a political debate here…only trying to point out that it might be beneficial for both sides to open their minds a little to other POV. This might be truly too idealistic, but I just wish everyone could try to find some common ground.

  50. Well a debate is the only way you're going to convince me. I spent a lot of time a few years ago learning politics. I've listened to quite a few debates, read books, and engaged with people I know. I went in as a standard issue not really political white young adult, and let my sense of moral decency be my compass. I found myself squarely on the left, and I al