Call for new taxes on super-rich after 1% pocket two-thirds of all new wealth | $26tn of new wealth created since start of pandemic went to richest, Oxfam report reveals

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  1. Why the fuck do Scandinavians have such a hard on for burning Qurans?

  2. Would it be acceptable to steal water from your neighbor's well if you're dying of thirst? According to you, no. You would place the ideal of private property over the ideal of protecting human life. That's fucked up, and nobody would actually do that. So the thought experiment becomes "which ideal do we value more, property rights or X"

  3. That's intended, how iy works is the sweetspot of skewer is considered a grab which means that it will not have any hitstun or knokback if the opponent is in a grab realeased state, however it WILL deal the 65%

  4. Basically. Skewer isn't a grab, it's an odd type of attack which is both a grab and an attack, but behave mostly like an attack (can be shielded). There's a few others, like Terry's buster wolf.

  5. I believe palitena was in a specific animation, so skewer cant crumple, preventing the blue screen.

  6. The bigger issue here is overconsumption of water in the region, which is the cause of the drought. Golf courses need to be outlawed in the southwest.

  7. I told you from the start that the people blocking the road are not real protestors, so I told you about 3 people who were real protestors. Each who didn’t block random traffic to make a point. Because traffic wasn’t their enemy. They went right for the source of their injustices and caused change. “Break the system” is how you put it.

  8. You think the civil rights movement didn't block traffic? MLK blocked HIGHWAYS a bunch of times! This kind of historical revisionism is dangerous to progress.

  9. It’s a joke that you would even compare these social justice warriors to someone like Martin Luther King in the first place.

  10. Bro you're calling out the tactics of these folks to justify them being struck by a car.

  11. Kindly explain to me how the party that welcomes Muslims, women, black people, feminists, and so on can be fascist.

  12. Also, throwing paint on Van Gogh, Monet, Vermeer, Da Vincy, and Munch paintings.

  13. Those paintings were not damaged. Your outrage is misplaced.

  14. Jagged coastlines near the poles are caused by glaciation cutting through the landmass and isostatic rebound.

  15. There's one thing I wanna add to this, the Mercator projection zooms in on things closer to the poles. So you can get higher definition the further noth you are because of the distortion.

  16. Do you feel any guilt or shame for hoarding so much wealth?

  17. I would be mad at the system that requires a man to work 12 hours a day. Capitalist brain rot runs deeeeeep.

  18. Im gonna assume you mean as Ridley vs a corner camping Pac since Pac isn't actually that amazing as a raw zoner.

  19. Sweet spot ridley ftilt doesn't launch hydrant fyi.

  20. Sauron would be a gender fluid vegan if they remade it today

  21. They had gender fluid folks and vegans when Tolkien wrote the book. We just don't hear about them because of repression. You want to go back to that?

  22. This isn't an impressive 6 months old. All babies have crazy grip strength that fades when you get older. He just seems to have used his enough not to lose it.

  23. I have not read the manga, but I did watch the show. I thought it was great. And this is coming from a guy who thinks most anime is pretty bad

  24. I'd be careful hanging around here man. This is the subreddit for the manga so there'll be a ton of spoilers, unless that doesn't bother you.

  25. So far I've not been spoiled, but it wouldn't be a big deal to me if I was. Thanks though.

  26. Came here to comment this one. Hikaru's other set with tea and his set with bloom4eva are also extremely high quality sets.

  27. MW2 had a horrible launch and is riddled with bugs. The series needs to have fresh air breathed into it or be allowed to die. It's shameful a triple a studio saw fit to release as it was. It's a little better now, but still has a lot of issues.

  28. fish and chips are Jewish. similar to how the Japanese got tempura.

  29. You gotta be maining the two most boring characters in the entire cast

  30. Nahhh Lucas isn't boring. He's frustrating but he's not boring

  31. Why is Gorbachev seen as a bad person? From what I remember he was actually a pretty decent leader.

  32. I wouldn't say that around anyone with Afghan heritage.

  33. Why do people care if hitler was left or right wing? Its fucking hitler.

  34. Because history matters, especially things like this.

  35. He suspended accounts that were posting his real-time location. He’s a pretty controversial dude at the moment so I can’t say I blame him.

  36. Was Matt binder following him around in a van with tinted windows, live tweeting which McDonald's he stopped at?

  37. We're talking a few angstroms of gold. It's not expensive in that quantity.

  38. Ok I am sorry but I have to do this: 100 Å are more than 30 layers of gold. I wouldn't call those few but your point absolutely still stands.

  39. That sounds like communism trying to avoid the negative connotations of the name communism.

  40. No. They're different things by definition. Let me explain this for you.

  41. I mean, they can call it what they want, but that still sounds like communism in practice while you describe communism in theory. The workers only seem to "own" the means of production in name while the government has actual authority and power over how everything is done.

  42. It doesn't matter what countries call their systems, North Korea and the Congo claim to be democratic Republics but we all know that's nonsense. The Nazis called themselves socialists. We all know that couldn't be further from the truth. The fact that China calls itself communist means literally nothing except as a branding exercise.

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