1. Yep, bought the same thing a few months ago and had the same problem. I wish there was someone to tell me back then that the drum mag included doesn't work half the time. I bought the S&T 2000 rnd one and it works flawlessly and looks freakin tight.

  2. Thanks man, yeah I wish someone would’ve told me too lol. I didn’t know till I was in a game and it wouldn’t feed had to run 300 bb m4 hi caps.

  3. What box magazine do you use? I have the - A&K box mag and it’s cheeks

  4. What if your kids find it? The idea of OF makes me think something like this: is this the only thing you can monetize. Why not monetize a skill?

  5. I don’t wanna date this girl 💀 she’s jus a friend and i’m not gonna overcomplicate it if it’s not that complicated in the first place.

  6. If you’re mature enough not to catch feelings and you’re being safe then sure.

  7. From a gameplay standpoint skewer is more balanced. From a better gun perspective spartan laser wins there’s a reason I call it fun killer 2000 super easy to kill vehicleswith it

  8. On snap you can see who viewed a post. If someone were to post reply if you aren’t racist they would see if you just kept scrolling without replying. Then this person is saying if they can see op will they seem him doing private things.

  9. Hey man I was happy ending the conversation go take another hit of copium why don’t ya? I never said you were virgin either lol who’s projecting now?

  10. i got attached to a girl that made me special then she began talking to every dude i know and spend time with them and she act like everything okay when i’m at the verge of putting a gun in my mouth

  11. Fuck em dude. Know your worth that girl is clearly below you. She isn’t “special” she’s a girl who knows what she’s doing and doesn’t care. Do you really want a girl who has no respect for you? Time to move in friend.

  12. So I’ve never been really a feelings type of guy. I’m 23 and my girlfriend of 4 years is 27. We recently moved in and yet stuff like compassion and love has been out of her mind and I’ve been trying to show more affection. Whenever I do, she makes it seem that I’m the problem or stuff I do is the issue, and the stuff I would like her to say about reflecting isn’t going said. Will this be like this forever? Who is wrong? Any advice will help. Thanks.

  13. This gonna suck to hear. But she has lost respect for you. From what I’ve read she is not meeting your needs nor giving an explanation as to why. You need to sit down with her and have a real talk. Talk about how you feel invalidated pushed aside and you want to know why. It doesn’t have to be the end but if she isn’t open to communicate with you it might be time to move on. Don’t stick with something bad just cause you’ve spent a lot of time on it my friend. Good luck

  14. If you were any edgier you’d give every person you pass by a personal bar code scan on their wrists

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