1. Take all the garnishes off. No mods. Just drive the shit out of it, every day.

  2. Piracy. If EA wants to continue to make money from their old IPs, they should still make them purchasable. There's nothing wrong with pirating something you can't buy anymore.

  3. This is a different market version of the "3gee" or 3rd gen accord. Normally they have popup headlights, which weren't legal in some parts of the world.

  4. Take it apart and dive into how it works. A new cluster will likely not fix it, it's likely not a part problem. It's an assembly problem. There are multiple issues that need to be saved.

  5. Just called ford, it is not a part of the thermostat housing it is part of the intake manifold.

  6. Oh, is this not a 4.0? Is it a 3.0? If so you can literally just tighten it. It's pipe thread.

  7. Would it being loose cause it to have left to right play? Thats why i assumed id have to replace the housing, it has probably 2-3mm of left to right play

  8. 😂 I know BMW likes to mash cabling together both for the dash electronics and car engine etc (apologies if what I’m saying is not right). That’s why I read that some times you can combine harnesses from the donor engine and the car? Thank you. Yes, I’m talking about a Mini Cooper which I love and don’t want to give up. The only problem with the car is the engine. Everything else is rock solid

  9. You're fucked. You can't just swap engines like you used to, most cars from the '90s and older have dedicated engine harnesses that are completely separate and removable from the rest of the car, and the rest of the car could operate without issue without an engine computer to talk to. Your mini is almost entirely dependent on the DME. And would require an entire rewire. And you'd lose almost all functionality of the factory gauges, trip meter, radio, key fob, power windows/locks, pretty much everything. You can't combine it from a donor Honda, either. Completely different electrical architecture.

  10. Sounds pretty bad then! Can’t I use the harness of the Hodna engine to drive gauges and the Honda key but retain the Mini harness to operate my windows and other things like windows ? I thought everything was transferred in the wiring through a specific protocol called CANBUS?

  11. Canbus is a standardized communication method, but the packets of information differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. One package containing, say, rpm from Honda would be received as something like ambient air temp to the bmw BCM.

  12. Stop suspecting things and throwing parts at it, drive the shit out of it and get that check engine light to set solid, and read it.

  13. Regardless of Ecoboost or not, the only major failure on those is the timing chain set. Water pump is driven by the timing chain, so failures are common.

  14. Is it worth running away from for that one reason? He has a stack of maintenance records and seems to have taken great care of it

  15. It's not a "holy shit run away" problem, it's a "pay attention to it" problem.

  16. Not worth. Just find another pulsar engine. If it's hard to find, so be it. Start looking.

  17. If they all quit at once, check fuses. If they died one after the other, you likely need new regulators.

  18. Good product for cars that are a bit overzealous on their drain plugs; splashing everywhere. Toyota v6s, Cummins dodge trucks, Subarus with the 16mm threaded plugs, ford's plastic drain plugs, etc.

  19. It's not a Ford pass thing, it's the truck itself. If you turned off 'deep sleep it would just kill batteries.

  20. If your car is up to par just drive that thing. It's the whole point of a car to drive it.

  21. You're thinking about a welded/spool/locking diff. Yes they are a pain, with your tires chirping every parking lot you traverse. An actual LSD is unnoticeable in normal, dry tarmac driving, and very helpful in spirited driving/low traction situations.

  22. Why would you want to warm the engine up faster? Just drive it if you need it to heat up.

  23. My big question is on towing, Ive seen places saying 5700 is the max with an auto. But im questioning if my new addition to my family is going to be able to tow a 3500 pound camping trailer. Another question is some common problems yal have experienced on your 4 0s. Any advice is welcome!

  24. It can do it. Just make sure all the fluids are in good shape, especially trans.

  25. This should be inherent knowledge for anyone who understands how brakes work

  26. Same engine, different vehicle. Ranger is still a body-on-frame truck, an explorer is a unibody SUV. Two completely different vehicles, two completely different cooling systems.

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