1. Lol what a strange rewatch tradition, but you do you!

  2. Fauci even admitted that it was the unmasked burying the masked during the flu pandemic

  3. What I want to know is how many people died of covid after getting it anyway from going out and about thinking their masks would protect them

  4. Yeah that's the thing that gets me. If masks don't work, wouldn't they want to know about it? If the goal really is to save lives, then thinking that a pointless thing works when it doesn't, it actually going to kill more people.

  5. I wonder if the viciousness with which they treat conscientious vaccine objectors is partially out of guilt due to them knowing deep down that none of their masks or lovkdowns ever worked but very few of them having the cajones to admit to anything close to that

  6. So Republicans are being murdered because not enough Jan 6 protesters got locked up?

  7. Ask not why kids need to be at drag shows, ask why the drag activists have a need for kids to be at drag shows

  8. idk, I just went to Toyota's website and built a 2022 Tacoma TRD Sport with any package I could add (no accessories). Came out to about $40k.

  9. And he’ll just quit that one too lol. He’ll run out of references sooner than later.

  10. This is in response to some idiot claiming to be a republican whining about Trump on the Daily Beast of all places. I think the fact that it's on the Daily Best is enough to disregard the opinions of the author of the Daily Beast ragepost entirely.

  11. End it may 10 and we are all doomed. May 11 is the precise date to end it.

  12. Dost thou not knoweth that the Foul Pestilence is a sentient being of its own mind that can only be controlled by the wisdom and wit of our Lord Fauci (infinite MBUH)?! It shall respect the Feast Day of Saint Biden because Saint Biden and Lord Fauci command it to! Amen and Awomen!

  13. "Why can't they stay out of politics?!" rages the crowd who gets offended the moment anyone on the right suggests that maybe a left-wing actor or athlete should stay out of politics

  14. “Alcoholics convene at local pub; decide they’ll have ‘just one more and it’ll be fine’”

  15. The hilariously sad part about the cOvId iS nOt oVEr crowd is that they're the ones who can't seem to get it through their thick heads that covid will never be over and that has nothing at all to do with their lockdowns and masks and vaxxes.

  16. I find Long COVID to be the single most absurd thing of the scamdemic. Even if you believe that lockdowns worked, that masks work and that the vaccines worked, I do not understand how anybody could believe in Long COVID.

  17. Post viral syndrome itself is a real thing and it makes sense that it could happen for covid.

  18. Elimination is quite possibly the most sophomoric and intellectually jejune approach one could take to a virus as pervasive and contagious as covid.

  19. What a lying sociopath. This thunk-piece is drowning in a sea of bad information and straw men concocted to tilt at with baseless arguments.

  20. It's more in response to the more delusional among the twitter covidians whining about people mIniMizInG coViD.

  21. The Maverick is a significantly better value, has better fuel economy, and actually looks like a truck.

  22. I like to call them, "pit bulldozers." I once had one jump on me (worked at a vet) and the zebra stripe bruises from his claws didn't go away for a month!

  23. Every time I hear about a fatal dog attack the dog is almost always a pitbull.

  24. I don't know if anyone pays any attention to dogs they pass on the street in public, but absolutely fucking no one trains their dogs in any capacity beyond not peeing on the carpet. Pretty much any dog you see is pulling their owner around and disregarding their calls to return to them.

  25. See - that's the thing, how many pitbull owners are "training their dogs right" and how does one even define "training one's dog right?"

  26. I'm sorry, those are just medical coincidences. It's a terrible climate change season, please mask up.

  27. Also pausing the economy for a year or even two or more in some places creating the conditions making it more difficult for more people to find work than a not at all vaguely and undefined "long covid" ever could

  28. Let me guess, this same redditor probably thinks all cops are racist pigs, so they're totally fine with the racist pig cops being the only ones who can have guns. Let that sink in.

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