1. Story time, how did you get banned?

  2. I finished this boss on my first try this time around. Proud of myself tbh.

  3. I'm gonna be completely honest — I thought you were pulling my leg. And then I googled it. And then

  4. Junpei’s design is great, imo. Akane’s was weird. As with everything with Akane in ZTD.

  5. Actually, fair. The artwork is much better than the in game model.

  6. 3D models. Sprites are 2D art. Sorry for being the worst.

  7. Let’s not refer to him as a character from a transphobic author’s book series.

  8. The actor who played said character backed the author's comments.

  9. Seriously. He’s just a guy trying to work in the industry and two vets start shitting on him unprompted.

  10. I literally started Ori for the first time yesterday. You can all thank me.

  11. This really sucks because the cloud version was really good. Here’s gameplay, it plays like a native version with touch controls.

  12. you need to post these somewhere🙏 i only have screenshots for 999😭

  13. I have an entire ass folder that is just filled with the funny faces Diana makes in ZTD

  14. The terf wizard game outsold the entire ace attorney series in two weeks. That’s fucking sad.

  15. You're talking about Harry Potter, one of the biggest multimedia franchises on the planet. You might as well be complaining that a Mario or Pokémon game outsold Ace Attorney.

  16. I’m talking about how it was one game, in two weeks, despite being released on current gen only. Of course it’s to be expected, just sad.

  17. Eh. Not really. Zelda got Age of Calamity, Skyward Sword HD, Link’s Awakening remake and Cadence of Hyrule.

  18. Is it just the perspective or is Miles shorter than Phoenix

  19. You’re right - and Phoenix came in a box twice the size. No idea why haha

  20. is that an ace attorney 4 poster behind the figures?

  21. The thing is: Akane’s “real” personality was never really shown until this one. She was mostly faking it in 999, she was a bitter old lady in VLR, so this is the first time we see how she truly felt most times. I view her as a complete control-freak with serious, and I mean, SERIOUS, issues. However, she still has redeemable qualities x). She is incredibly hypocritical though lol

  22. She was totally faking it in 999 and that’s exactly why this is so weird to me. In my opinion, VLR Akane is the closest to true Akane. I think it’s possible for her to be emotional, but ztd goes too far without the right reasons, in my opinion. Right after this scene in ZTD, Akane becomes a lot closer to her self in VLR. It’s a weird mismatch for the writing up to that point.

  23. Respectfully, but hard, haaaard disagree. The game - i.e. the writers - are not "calling out on her" while at the same time "misunderstanding her character". I don't even know how the two things could happen at the same time.

  24. I understand your point on characters not behaving how someone might expect - and usually agree with you, I love Luke in TLJ for example - but with Akane I feel like she’s a different character entirely. Junpei is done better. He’s different from 999 Junpei, but behaves exactly how that character would after the events of 999. Akane in ZTD is 90% of the time just not the same character we see in 999 and VLR, in my opinion.

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