1. Trae Turner loses so much value without his speed. Can’t outrun father time

  2. Honestly, what about a Lefty/Righty 1B platoon with Wil and Brandon Belt?

  3. Instead of fully dropping out, see if you can take a Leave of Absence. That way, if you do change your mind within 1-2 years depending on the university, you don’t have to go through the hassle of admissions

  4. You’re not going to like it as much the second he blocks a better option from playing.

  5. We had to ship out Naylor and Ty France because Hosmer was blocking both of them AND move Daddy Wil off 1st

  6. It’s a long story but lots of Filipinos joined the Navy. Since San Diego has a navy base, lots of Filipinos settled in San Diego.

  7. Titas Kitchenette in Bonita makes my heart sing and arteries clog

  8. Rigoberto's in Poway. The food was average at best but they CHARGE FOR SALSA. Totally unacceptable.

  9. It's an international food event held annually in December at Balboa Park put on by the international houses there, but it gets super crowded with little parking and chilly temps at night.

  10. I once watched the pilot for Cooking with Paris. Kim Kardashian was a guest star. I'm not saying either of them are great cooks, but Paris Hilton makes Kim Kardashian look like a god damn Iron Chef...

  11. Yup. It kind of shows you which celebrities were real people at some point. The one with Saweetie is the one that shows the starkest difference between people who grew up with a silver spoon and a normal person. Meanwhile Demi Lovato can’t crack a fucking egg

  12. I’m not a huge fan of stats like this because SO MANY TIMES there was a huck that goes 40-60 yards and the guy catches it right before the end zone line, only to dish it 5 yards for the score, or dump it backwards

  13. Honestly, if we can get Bell on a good deal I wouldn’t be mad. He’s had a very boom-or-bust career and we got him at a “bust” portion

  14. I expected nothing from Clevinger and I’m still disappointed.

  15. You know who would’ve been great in this spot?? Cal Quantrill…

  16. Martinez is pre gripping all of his pitches. I have no idea how the Phillies haven’t noticed

  17. Leon’s Produce in North Park is awesome. Genuinely got by many times only shopping there.

  18. I know the owner and he’s a great dude as well. Super happy to support Señor Mangos on both ends of north park

  19. I noticed that they brought back a lot of the music they used in the older seasons, especially around elimination time.

  20. What a disastrous trade that turned out to be. Do y’all think if he didn’t need tommy John 2.0 he would’ve been okay?

  21. Free bird by Lynyrd skynyrd. It takes like 5 minutes before they play the best part. The first 5 minutes arent too bad either tho

  22. Visiting Braves fan, was just wondering why Melvin left Morejon in after he loaded the bases? Also was there no better option than going to him to begin with? All I saw was that he had a 4.24 ERA when he came in.

  23. He can go multiple innings. BoMel was probz hoping he could finish the game but Morejon had nothing besides his fastball working and even then he couldn’t command it well

  24. I once explained to a teacher that I hated school cause of bullying. He said he loves teaching cause he has power over everyone….

  25. Funny enough, being the authority figure 100% of the time is what drove me out of teaching. Shits not fun and exhausting

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