1. In general don't because leaves are the mechanism by which the plant absorbs lumens..

  2. Good thing I asked you guys for advice first I didn’t cut a single leaf just Going let her do her thang

  3. Haha, I love the plant in the Pringles can! Is that a clone you cut or something you started later? I’m really curious to see how she turns out now!

  4. All good. regular garden soil that came with wood chips in it. Threw some oak ash in last time I watered it cause I was told it's good for root growth. The pot used to be a jar, drilled a hole in the bottom. As for the weirdness of the plant, IDK, takes after its owner lmfao.

  5. Oh I see I'm going to have to do some pocket digging to find out what I like working with better lol. Thanks though, gives me some more stuff to look into

  6. Bro was sucking down that blunt like hmmmm I could suck a goofball thru a garden hose

  7. Yea looking good btw. Also just keep in mind your probably going to need to water more with fabric.

  8. Running fox farm oceanic soil my ph is at 6.5 right now there autoflowers magic spoon auto mix collection by green hand genetics this is my first time growing autos I’m excited as fuggg💚

  9. Awesome, but you should probably get some fabric bags to grow. They're probably actually cheaper than buying buckets. Your roots need lots of oxygen along with water and nutrients.

  10. Oh trust me i drilled holes lol prob to many lmao I always drill enough holes to where I can legit almost see thru the bottom of my buckets but yes Ima get some ones with holes so I can lst easier I saw some vivosun 5 gals I was look at and want fr

  11. Awesome. Good luck on your grow.

  12. Thankyou for the advice and currently drilling more holes around the bucket to try help them roots breathe better like you said

  13. Mars hydro sells decent cheap lights bro your not going get any quality flower with them lights This my setup

  14. To late to clone you already in flowering anything you cut will not grow or regrow back u less your lucky there’s a lot of free reasearch you can look at on the internet just gotta surf around grow buddy’s is a good page

  15. Your plants are lacking a lot of nutrients why your stems are so thin I would consider not having a humid room eithier cannbis plants don’t like humidity

  16. You get to open and smell the products in Michigan.

  17. Yeah not in Ohio I tried to today and the bud tender about had a heart attack lmao

  18. Did they refuse service or anything? I was refused service once because “smoke” slipped out my mouth instead of “vape”.

  19. Haha this dude literally snatched the jar back from me and said hey man what the hell are you doing I said jeez bro I just wanted to smell and look at it I’m from Michigan so I played it clueless lol but still think it’s a crock of shit

  20. Riviera creek is garbage flower, the nerve of him not wanting real competition because he knows Riviera creek cannot survive with more cultivators. Overpriced mids that no real Cannabis user would buy.

  21. That literally doesn't matter, roots do not like light no matter what. That's why they're underground dawg. Drainage and algae growth have nothing to do with one another

  22. Just add another cup that's not transparent and put yours inside.

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