My dad said he would make dinner today and grilled the expensive bullet steak I bought. This is the result

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  1. Jesus Christ 250 you said with 30% off wtf bro? That’s not the ideal deal for a half oz

  2. The barcode is his instagram which doesn't show up, and no i don't live in michigan but i bought it from my friend who's brother got it from michigan

  3. Never know though homie I feel for the ones without rec or medical in there state y’all really have no clue what your smoking at the end of the day

  4. Wish you best bro if this world wasn’t so damn sketchy I wouldn’t mind helping mfs out I feel for the ones without the right of being able to go to a shop shit sucks

  5. Dude....I've never thought about weighing it. 🤦🏻

  6. I weigh up what I smoke to so it keeps me from rolling up logs and shit lol cuz we can’t afford to roll up a g blunt when we get 2.8

  7. The hassle I went through just to get this lol if I would have known I just would have took it as l and not waisted a week dealing with Rivera creek rep service I mean at least they responded and showed a little care towards me as a [patient]

  8. Absolutely beautiful Don’t see good dark green like that a whole lot I prefer shit like this over purp

  9. I agree with the other person not much of a smell or taste that stands out the Mach 1 is good but if you get a chance to try the South side legend it's one of the stronger longer lasting strains I've had in the program at 27%, it's better than most of the strains I've had at 30 plus

  10. I saw it at 22% a half for 130 smalls I went ahead got a half of Mac 1 for 140 out door with my discount and it’s gas

  11. It's not very pungent. Slightly sweet and gassy, but not much scent/taste. Decent effects - but nothing stand out, or remarkable, imo. Not knocking it, but not my favorite strain, either. Haven't had the Southside Legend, but hear good things.

  12. Can’t really go wrong with that for 150 I saw some reviews on it looks decent

  13. I disagree per the terpene label and my own experiences with this batch. Please justify your claim.

  14. Go look at my post garlic gmo and han solo burger I think is lineage I can’t tell the terps already threw package away go look at my post from few days ago I listed the terps on that one

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