1. The criticism surround Infinite at this point is generally 2 things:

  2. The way they talk down 343 because they're adding and fixing stuff makes no sense to me. Gotta love lack of awareness from fans lol

  3. Lootboxes are literally gambling and that's illegal nowadays in most cases for gaming.

  4. Bro its the worst when they try to "subtly" spoil as if people can't connect the dots when you constantly make stair jokes

  5. RvB is nice but limits customizable colours. The new colour pallets in Infinite was a nice choice despite some... Questionable limitations.

  6. I mean when you’re 30+ years old and still live with your parents, you’re unemployed, and nobody shows even the smallest amount of interest in you romantically, I could understand how a video game could ruin your adulthood😂

  7. Hero mainly bc we get barely anytime with him in RW. Headspace is nice but not a direct confirmation on how he acts since Sunny is proven to be an unreliable narrator at times.

  8. Unfortunately kids don't understand their own tolerance. They may say they won't mind, and they really think they won't, but oh, they will. It's the same thing with horror movies, kids always think they can handle it and then have nightmares all night lmao

  9. Can we not talk about the obvious stylish and awesome looking swords? Give him a longsword or something, that's one way to characterise him in video games

  10. That is a waste of time and medicine. Besides using it gives you a well-deserved achievement.

  11. Sunburn is semi canon. I wouldn't call it Canon due to the ambiguous ending. There's no doubt about it in any shape or form

  12. Godzilla had a stroke while reading this and fucking died

  13. Neku out here with another banger art! (and it looks so close and faithful to the official game)! :2464:

  14. Lol at the second image. Just go outside 5head, go touch grass ya big dum kek

  15. Hope you're doing better now dude :2463: you haven't missed too much luckily (except mods taking submissions for new omojis!)

  16. Thanks again! I'm honestly not shocked there's been little change, I see that as a good thing tbh. Don't want too much change but it's nice submissions for new emojis are being a thing :2477:

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