1. This is deadly aspestos that can give you lung cancer. The joke is people on late ads say that you can get money if you were affected by aspestos

  2. Oh I see, Saul would make a good aspestos lawyer

  3. I thank the mods for taking action against the repost

  4. Probably still has a good rumble to it

  5. My man be looking at them ankles while writing a banger

  6. Love how everyone is standing around it, like what the fuck

  7. If I hadn't read the title that woulda been fightin words there

  8. This looks like something that someone would use in their thumbnail for a review of beamNG

  9. Shit just shove the nail back in thare

  10. need to get black tape so the DOT man can't see it.

  11. Nah just write good on the sidewall so they can see it's good

  12. I will give you my address what are you going to do with it

  13. I like your floor jack I got the same one I'm my truck

  14. I always thought those poles were deeper in the concrete.

  15. Some are when I was doing demo I found ones like that and ones in a foot of concrete

  16. Damn culture stoping me from enjoying tasty human meat... I mean what?

  17. 'Til boredom overtook us and he began to speak.

  18. He said, son I made a life outta readin peoples faces

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