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domestic violence suspect ambushing officers in Queens

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  1. Some companies will not hire or will fire you for weed use, even if it’s legal in this state.

  2. The one you don’t see. Seriously, 100 million better things to do down there.

  3. Pay attention to the question. They asked what show was the best so they obviously are interested in seeing a show. right?

  4. Just stopped by to thank the parents for teaching your child this is not acceptable. I bet he is missing a few other life rules as well. Disgusting behavior.

  5. How friggen gross. Who wants to french kiss your granny? I mean he didn't actually go down on her, did he?

  6. In Morgan Freeman's voice "It was that day he learned the meaning of fuck around and find out".

  7. I think like you guys, he's a POS. But mental stability makes it not as bad as murder. Or so I've been told by reddit folks.

  8. It's the same level of bad regardless of the reason.

  9. He's saying "where's my Darwin award?".

  10. I'm also interested in apps but mostly for the flight programming aspect.

  11. Hilary didn't go and we're all still paying taxes so.......

  12. Well, Trump got his chance to put her Hilary in jail but didn’t. Whose fault is that?

  13. You have no idea how that works, do you?

  14. Did anyone age 40 years when doing this experiment? You know... Time dilation or something.

  15. No but the scientists came out of the lab wearing diapers.

  16. Somewhere in there, there's a Trump joke. Adult diapers? Just like Trump?

  17. Nice try, scooter. I just love how he lives in your head to this day. Cracks me up how feeble you are.

  18. She assaulted a cop, received just reward and you call the cop stupid? Bitch please.

  19. Show the rock formation that looks like a face next time, please.

  20. Yeah? My cousin had a friend who knew somebody that worked at a liquor store that hear from a customer's niece that dated a guy once who had a friend that told him they did tip. 15% is what he said right before he went into a coma.

  21. Sure, im sure youd love to have the police present too i guess. At least im not black or id be shot before you ever show up, coward.

  22. Just as I thought. All talk. You are 1 pathetic human being. I actually feel sorry for you. I'm sorry that you hate life so much.

  23. Well looky there, daddy musta had some money so you could live the good life. And now you look down upon all the peasants who want equal rights and scoff. No wonder you throw yourself in with the Republikkklan. Doesnt change the fact that youre a total loser hellbent on making the world a worse place for the rest of us simply because "fuck you, i got mine." Why dont you just stay out of politics since youre so fucking well off eh? It wont matter to you anyways.

  24. You have a distorted view of the world and a penchant for jumping to conclusions most of which are wrong and based off hatred instead of fact.

  25. Biden passed the pen to the true President, I guess. Seeing how Manchin has been in control of what the Democrats pass or do not pass.

  26. Biden. Campaign agenda. Bawahahaha. Good one.

  27. Powers Meat Processing just East of Carr Lane on hwy 86. (417) 858-2061

  28. But parents like you don’t teach their kids about sex Ed or sexuality or anything. Then you kick them out when they get pregnant at 16 and vote to downgrade the infrastructure needed to support them. Oh, and abortion is illegal now in our state. Or kick them out when they come out as LGBT+ and then they are homeless and incredibly vulnerable.

  29. All fine points but not what we were talking about. You made your point in the wrong discussion.

  30. In my best Bear Grylls voice: these are actually quite tasty once they stop squirming around. I pulled one out of me shorts once and it was delicious.

  31. Lost? How are they lost? You can see houses in the background.

  32. What is wrong with society today that shooting cops is a consideration? This makes my heart hurt and confuses me greatly. I just don't understand how we've become so prone to violence as a solution. This video plus the ones showing irate customers in fast food places going berserk on the staff. How do we turn the tide on this?

  33. My only question is where does the get the money to do all this?

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