DRS/Computershare Megathread 08/2022

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  1. I couldn't stand him. Tom kicking him out of the wedding was one of the highlights of that episode for me.

  2. Nah I think they just got catch in a heat moment

  3. I started the process of moving my shares from Vanguard to CS this morning. I pulled up the DRSGME guide before calling to I'd have my ducks in a row. However, all they needed was my name and SSN. I told them that I had a CS account already established and was told I wouldn't need to provide that info as they're simply using SSNs. Not sure if that is a new change or something other people have experienced. It was a very simple process for me (thus far), I was on the phone for less than 10 minutes.

  4. Are your shares in a Roth IRA? I think that’s the sticking point.

  5. Last week, I called Vanguard to DRS my Roth IRA shares. When I called, the person at Vanguard that I spoke with told me that they were unable to do that with my Roth IRA until I had a computershare account set up.

  6. Don't understand how Chris can be such a sore loser when he hardly did anything

  7. Say what you want about this card so far, but it’s an all timer for weird post-fight shit.

  8. What is Wynn’s chin made of? Adesan-yolked lookin real technical.

  9. This is America you dumb son of a bitch

  10. I found Christine's cardigan because I lowkey kind of liked it, but

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