TDA accidentally deposited money in my account 8 months ago. They just realized and now I owe them $20k

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  1. Not who you asked, but I also made a similar decision. For taxable account I am using VTI and SCHD. I have no international in my taxable account, but I would use VXUS and SCHY.

  2. The pricing is still bonkers with a 100 usd reduction. It is a no go for me.

  3. I think even with a $200 discount the 3080 MSRP would still be better performance per dollar. This generation is horrible.

  4. No way he's leaving now with the Michigan program in its best shape in 20-25 years. Furthermore I truly believe top tier Big Ten and SEC CFB coaches will start making more than NFL coaches in the years to come with such a lack of supply of quality coaches and increased profit coming in.

  5. I would guess some coaches just don’t want to deal with recruiting even if they enjoy college more.

  6. He didn't miss it, he 100% noticed it and kept his mouth shut thinking he got lucky. He's telling everyone here he didn't notice it so you guys don't think he's a bad person. Trust me 99% of retail would notice an extra $20k just popping up. Especially degenerate options players who are constantly losing. I have a 7 figure account and I would definitely notice $20k just magically there especially if you're very active and always looking at your account

  7. I am wondering if they accidentally gave him $65k and he lost about $20k of it before they took back the whole $65k.

  8. Buy a steam deck instead. Come back to GPU’s in a few years. Prices are insane.

  9. I actually just recently did that. I had planned to buy a 4XXX series, but bought a Steam Deck after pricing was announced.

  10. I honestly think the deck is better than Winota kinda. Winota couldn't really play that much interaction without sacrificing combo pieces. Greasefang can easily play all the Liliana and discards spells they need plus removal and still pull off the combo comfortably.

  11. To me the card that pushes Abzan to the top of the Greasefang piles is [[Witherbloom Command]]. You don't have to sacrifice combo consistency and you get to counter the best hate cards.

  12. I'd rather have Correa. Dansby strikes out an alarming amount.

  13. There is also something to be said about clubhouse leadership... And I think Dansby probably carries that mantle better than Olsen or Riley.

  14. Alright, that's what I'm hoping for! Haven't heard any running around in the attic since I put some out (and has since been eaten) a week ago, so that could be a good sign!

  15. I just ordered some as well...anything further you found with it?

  16. https://youtu.be/tQTdEKA-nyM

  17. It would be very hard for them to price it at $1400. Right now it is looking like it will have worse rasterization and ray tracing performance than the 4090. On top of that, NVIDIA has much better support for software like Blender, allowing the 4090 to currently be 4-6x faster than AMD's best card. Not to mention the lack of a Reflex alternative from AMD.

  18. Not to mention DLSS 3... Even 2 is better than FSR.

  19. Sometimes people rope intentionally and that sucks. Other times people are either legitimately thinking or maybe they didn't even notice that priority passed to them. I know that's happened to me on more than one occasion.

  20. I think they are referring to the part where someone alt+F4 instead of conceding after a loss, so the player has to wait out 4 timers to get a win on a match they already won.

  21. I love doing this and also tricking them into wasting their counter spells. So much fun.

  22. If you trick someone into using counterspell on a non-threat, they weren't a good player to begin with.

  23. Aggro decks - "lol you have just shocked yourself"

  24. You can usually save yourself more than 2 damage with an early TS against monored. TS topdecks feel terrible though.

  25. Please AMD show some restraint on power usage. Don't follow Nvidia with this insanity!

  26. Performance per dollar and performance per watt are much more important that saying you have the most powerful GPU through brute force like the 4090.

  27. Yeah our Product Manager tried turning off internet for all the devs in the office once too.

  28. How long did this last lol? Devs spend half the day in meetings and the other half on stack overflow.

  29. If Russia is actively stealing assets from American companies (regardless of personal feelings about said companies), why do we not just use the effectively impounded Russian assets to aid Ukraine instead of funding it from our own tax dollars?

  30. If you aren't doing the quests that come along with it I wouldn't bother tbh. It's fun if you like sim city but it still requires some set up. Also if you plan to run a lot of other mods it can cause issues just cause it is SO so big. By the time I get late game in any Sim Settlements playthrough crashes end up happing quite frequently for me personally. I still love it tho, not in every one of my playthroughs but it's worth experiencing once. However if you are hoping to get through the vanilla game and DLC I suggest you hold out on Sim Settlements and try it on a different playthrough.

  31. Thank you! Right now I am going to attempt probably a mostly, if not all, vanilla playthrough.

  32. I feel like it validates him

  33. why did they ban winota but now they don't touch greasefang? (serious question)

  34. I assumed we would be getting a Greaefang ban. I guess time to finally craft the Azban version, it is very resilient. It has mainboard hate against the best hate cards, and can beat down decently as it is.

  35. I'm also out of the loop on this one.

  36. Idk I kinda want the Mets to sweep or nearly sweep the Padres and Dodgers to get their hopes up only to get swept by us in the NLCS.

  37. I don't want any chance of their spoiler dreams. I cheer against them with a passion no matter what.

  38. You're being too nice. The 2022 Mets are indeed very good, but the division is yours for the next decade, I think.

  39. We really need to hope we can lock Dansby up. After losing Freeman he is our field general, and I think it will really hurt bad to lose him.

  40. You guys are my backup team to the Braves this year!

  41. I would take some insurance this inning...considering we are making their 12+ ERA guys look like Cy Young.

  42. In Explorer I wait to see if it's spirits and also if I have a hand that can beat it. If not I concede and move on.

  43. I still don't understand why Ozuna is DH over Contreras, Grissom, or Grossman. Ozuna is a terrible human being and a worse player than any of those 3.

  44. Dude if so that is hilarious I thought he looked emotional all around

  45. Maybe he was... I just know I have joked I was crying to my family after putting in contact solution haha. So that's probably why my mind went there.

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