1. At the airport terminal before going on the plane home for 4 hours next to each other.

  2. This could all be very true. Or it could easily not be. This is pretty baseless and we're taking the word of some fairly random people. I just wanted to throw this out there. Again it could be true but I would prefer not to stoop so low and believe everything we read. Clearly in the comment section people are feeling emotional about this.

  3. Mike supports Falun gong--a cult which spreads right-wing misinformation/supports Trump/and is anti LGBT?

  4. I get what you're saying. Just like religion though, there's some bad and good. I'm anti religion as I don't believe in magic and fairy dust but I can't claim it hasnt allowed some people to better themselves. It's just the negatives that occur and the brain washing is bad as well. AFAIK Mike Chen doesn't try to spread it's teaching everywhere and is fairly quiet about it. I think maybe he's mentioned it in a video once? Anyways my point is that you can be religious and support certain things within that sphere. You don't have to be all in. Too often today people are all about you're either with me or against me.

  5. This applies to this whole conversation. Everyone's most important factor is that it's what they do on their time and it works for them. No one actually gives a shit about if it makes sense. It's quite entertaining to see how hypocritical everyone can be in this thread. I don't drive/cycle at Stanley Park so I have no idea what would work. But it's fairly clear that everyone is looking out for their interests.

  6. Former chef by trade. I always get confused looks when I say that I had McDonalds or Wendys recently and I don't think people understand that once you gain culinary knowledge and skill it doesn't mean you only eat good all the time. Maybe it's a bit different because I understand cost/time/effort. Sure, I can make a decent meal if I spent 30-40 minutes for 10ish dollars or I just go to McDonalds and spend 5 minutes for at the very least an equivalent meal. Was it good for me? No. Was it cheaper? Possibly. Was it tasty? Yeah. For the time x effort it's delicious as hell.

  7. I’m no sushi expert but I’ve had plenty of nigiri from higher end sushi places where fish is slightly torched on one side. I’ve seen it done that way with beef (never had it) and I think it would be great.

  8. Some places do torch. In this case I don't see the need as A5 Wagyu as Nigiri is too thin. You'll melt it by the time you have any colour that adds anything/melt too much of the fat. That being said, also depends on what the chef is going for. Sure you can torch OTORO. But the mouthfeel from fat to liquid fat from mouth temp is nice.

  9. I played DMZ for a couple of hours and while I didn't play it after that. It had some bright spots. I feel like areas in maps that are strongholds and highly contested with strong AI presence would be fun. You can make the argument that dorms/crackhouse/stronghold/kiba and many other places are like this. But the amount of A.I ranges from 0-20. Loot can be meh as well. It doesn't have to be led x and GPU but maybe strongholds where you can get a modded gun or a closet of decent ammo would be cool.

  10. Many people don't have a choice, not everything is 9-5.

  11. While I see your point, I live in south Burnaby and on my home from Maple Ridge it took me from 5pm to 10 pm to get home because every route is a hill. It ain't me

  12. As someone who is mainly into girls, Zach’s thing to me is his swagger. He just carries himself in a way that he just constantly seems cool as hell and he’s got great style imo.

  13. This is the opposite I see. I don't dislike him by any means but he generally gives off low confidence vibes for me anyways. Which I feel like sometimes he tries to over compensate for. Didn't help that in WAR he sometimes tries his best to do bad. But I think as of late he is trying to win which has made WAR more enjoyable.

  14. Well you see if there's lets say a tree blocking the road and the first bus can't pass. The one right behind it also can't pass.

  15. Pay definitely plays a role, though. $28/hour to start as an LPN with a 2-year degree (and debt) working shitty night shifts. In the meantime, Aritzia is hiring for $25/hour.

  16. Yeah and you can cook professionally as a sous chef for $22/hr which is pretty bad as well. The point is the main complaint is overworking and lack of staff. Money does not fix that. It plays a role in their lives. There's no shortage of people wanting to be nurses. It's the process. 28/hr STARTING for a 2 year degree isn't bad at all and if anything average. You also have the potential to earn way more than those people at Aritizia with more security. It' a bit short sighted.

  17. "There's no shortage of people wanting to be nurses". This is/may be true, but what is being done to address retention issues? You can't deal with workload problems unless you have staff, and $$ is a big way to convince people to deal with a crappy situation for a little while.

  18. It's short sighted though because by increasing wage for a short period and when you finally do solve the issue by implanting more staff you have now been put in a spot where you have to promise the young staff higher wages and everyone less work. It's kind of like duct tape on a leak.

  19. "The only common denominator in your losses are you" - Random online player in DotA I think, honestly helped me just to work on my own game and not worry about others

  20. "The wages used for calculating vacation pay includes all money paid by an employer to an employee which meets the definition of “wages” under s.1 of the Act. This also includes overtime, statutory holiday pay, sick pay required by this Act, bonuses that meet the definition of “wages” and previously paid vacation pay. Total wages also includes compensation for length of service under s.63 and termination pay under s.64."

  21. Ask your employer. I use to try to figure things out on my own but it's easier to ask. If you're scared of doing that then you have other things to worry about.

  22. Thanks. I'm gonna ask them about it, I just wanted to find all the info I could before bringing it to them.

  23. I find it easier, honestly most pay roll guys/companies just want to get their job done and call it a day. They aren't striving to pinch a few dollars from you because someone will notice and report them and they get in crap.

  24. Because culinary school isn't really helpful and a big waste of money. Many successful Chefs will tell you this. You can learn anything they do while working but more efficiently. It's honestly the biggest waste of time. Most of the guys from culinary school I hired were very hard to work with because it's ingrained into them that X needs X amount of time and it has to look like this and that. But they don't know how to do 1 hours work in 10 minutes when you're getting crunched. They also lack flexibility because there's usually a chip on their shoulder. This doesn't mean all culinary grads, I've met some great ones. But I don't think it's worth.

  25. The kitchen unfortunately doesn't work like your typical jobs. While it's true that a diploma from a cooking school ups your chances compared to someone who doesn't have one and you both have equal cooking experience, in places that are upscale/higher standard they will hire neither of you. You will learn from culinary school don't get me wrong. But it won't get your foot in the door. Everyone in the kitchen starts from the bottom. Maybe not dish washer, but prep or fryer/appy/cold side. This is where you will be tested. It's not overly complicated and it's just menial tasks but you have to learn to do them at high volume and be organized. Also make sure you have everything ready and planned out.

  26. It's not the weed, she's just a bad person. Clearly your self confidence isn't the greatest. You're the perfect partner that she wants. Someone she can freely shit on and will try to find a way to salvage it.

  27. Metrotowns new store Nook has a bunch of hand crafted goods by local artisan crafters. They have loads of candles you can try out and smell from different makers.

  28. Okay I'm not defending anyone here, but the point of the cops isn't to physically hurt people who have a criminal record right? Or at least it shouldn't be?

  29. No the job is to apprehend them. It's their job but it doesn't mean it has to be more dangerous than it already is. In this case he has a history of being violent. He's going to go down from the bean bag but it's not lethal(normally). Keeps the police safe. Even if it's a crack addict acting violently on the streets I wouldn't blink twice if a taser is used. You don't know how far this person might go especially under the influence. Take for example the office that lost her life in Burnaby by stabbing. Just some junkie.

  30. When I was in my early 20's and highschool I would always pay with $20 bills. This is more extreme and I had a good FT job so that being said you could easily do this at $5 or $10 bills. Anything that wasn't a $20 bill would get stashed to save. So if an item was $1 but I was low on money I would not get it. So either I didn't buy small things that add up or I would have to save a large amount if I did.

  31. Is Maple Ridge too far for you? Just off golden ears. I myself quit being a chef after covid and am in a different position. But our warehouse needs someone good. The job deals with kitchen equipment so still industry somewhat!

  32. Yep was pretty surprised that Jokic and Jamal only talk a couple time during offseason. They seem like best friend on the court and in the videos the team puts out.

  33. TBF I think most people forget that as you grow older you end up hanging out less and speaking. Also they are from different continents. I think a couple of times in the off season which isn't super long anyways is fair. Especially when you see this person at least every other day during the season.

  34. This is interesting. I think there's a bit of a misconception people are having when the OP said competitive-ISH. Key part is the ish. Correct me if i'm wrong, but you just want to find people who want to win and will try. That sounds stupid to say but we all know we have that one friend that will make the wrong play 5 times in a row even when you warned about it not working.

  35. Yeah this sounds right :) I’m not planning on competing professionally haha I just want people who have some competitive spirit in them, and care about the win.

  36. Someone tell my boss I don't care what his kids and wife did. I just want to come in and work my 9-5 peacefully and leave right at 5.

  37. I played sports competitively so I know well what I'm saying. I can stay hours practicing my shooting form or handles and I don't get tired mentally. On the other hand if I spend the same amount of hours trying to create a song, I will get tired and if I push it forward I might even get a burnout from it. That's where my comment was coming from.

  38. When people say they played competitively it's always some lower level local competition. So this is very anecdotal. Just like in my experience, as captain of the Rugby team it was more mentally taxing AND physically taxing.

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