1. All of my crushes have denied me, I’ve had 4, it’s just pattern recognition at this point.

  2. Remove the joker scene, and make the joker more of a hinted at character, little easter eggs and such, but not outright showing Joker.

  3. Capn 3, mainly because I’m just a sucker for the classic character looks. That’s why I still use the top know hair style.

  4. Shiver's the girl who likes to act all mysterious and cool at school but will send you memes of spinning rat and 2012 vines compilations at 2am.

  5. Now that’s the perfect woman. Down to the last detail, absolutely perfect.

  6. Hey, can i take this clip for a "top 20 highlights of splatoon 3" video im making? You will get featured in the description

  7. I’d be honored, I posted this to my YT channel- TyStar45, if you could include that. Thank you.

  8. I know you picked up stamper, but could I get some tips on wiper? I know they’re different in play style (though they are very similar) but I’ve been in s rank hell for a while, and refuse to drop wiper as that’s the weapon I’ve played the most of.

  9. Wipers good at abusing mobility and side routes to open up things for the team thats typically where id start, play around reg fires lack of endlag

  10. Bro, modern day mobile games look better than modern day pokemon games. They really should just go back to sprites

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