1. Something horribly wrong is going on here. It sounds like he has mental issues. This relationship is not leading to a healthy marriage. Please break up with him.

  2. Evanie, Davida, Davina, Flavia, Valerie, Lavinia, Jovita, Gavrielle, Elvira, Treva, Victorine, Minerva, Ylva, Ginevra, Geneva.

  3. My mom frequently resorted to “you know which one you are!” when she couldn’t get the right name out.

  4. "I don't remember your name, but I know where you live!"

  5. Jack is not a nickname for Girard, but you can still name him that and call him Jack as a nickname. What about Jack Girard?

  6. When I googled Delphine the first thing to come up is a restaurant, then wikipedia articles on the name, then some influencer I've never heard of. I think it's a beautiful name. I also love Margot, Sophie, and Lucie.

  7. I met a guy on here who said he had to pray about whether he wanted to enter into the talking stage with me. So essentially, he had to discern whether he wanted to discern discerning marriage with me 😂

  8. I'll bet he's still single!

  9. Names with the letters ar together. Dara, Darla, Tara, Taryn, Charlotte, Cara, Farrah, etc.

  10. Maybe a motorcycle or moped for one of you?

  11. Boy: Curtis, Walter, Darby, Douglas, Leo

  12. I like Mollie Dove but prefer the spelling Molly. Georgie Dove is nice.

  13. I've always loved the name Emma. I'm partial to names that begin with E. A capital E is beautiful in cursive. Emmie is a cute nickname. Emma reminds me of the word emerald, a beautiful gem.

  14. The most elegant girl names:

  15. Catholic funeral masses don't include eulogies where people get up and talk about the deceased. That happens at the wake or rosary vigil or somewhere else. If the priest was really telling people that a man in his late 80s was killed by God because people didn't believe hard enough, that's bizarre and inappropriate. I wonder if you might have misunderstood somehow.

  16. Boys: Montmorency, Fauntleroy, Tarquinius.

  17. If it wasn't Bishop Sheen, maybe it was Frank Sheed (author of Theology and Sanity and Theology for Beginners and others). He did street preaching.

  18. Melody, Melanie, Melinda, Emily, Millicent.

  19. Elsa, Elise, Elizabeth, Eloise.

  20. Eloise is the traditional spelling.

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