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  • By - cyyz8

  1. Something that will save shigaraki may be

  2. No, it's "Madeline Wunch You've aged "

  3. I don't know if you heard but... it has both properties of rubber and gum...

  4. For all you know crunchyroll removes it one day it’s always best to have it

  5. There was a lad who uploaded yyh 'remastered' videos with high quality. But now they gone

  6. Slut Justice- sounds like a netflix show

  7. "Knee Question Mark! Top of the morning to you"

  8. Have you heard of TetsuTetsu TetsuTetsu?

  9. To be fair we don’t see many backup middles. It’s basically Narita, Yamaguchi and Inuoka.

  10. When Noya said 'Give me 3 tries to receive ushijima' . I was like "take all you need bro, its not like we brought another libero"

  11. Looks good from a first glance. Which app did you use?

  12. I bought the template on Etsy and just edited in MS Word

  13. Their quirks allow for multiple rescues in short time. Tsukuyomi is decent in that area but in that regard i can see how the others could be better. In terms of combat ochako is lacking. Where as mina hasn't displayed excellence in either to be ranked above Tsukuyomi

  14. If you see something say something..come on and party tonight

  15. It's also weird that both Hiei and Kurama who were both formerly A Class would be in awe of Toguros B Class power.

  16. Hiei wasn't A before right? A is very rare . He was relatively strong among thieves and bandits. I don't recall the show stating he was A before the jagan. And Taguro is sheer power, there are other methods of exhibiting strength. Kurama who manifest his powers through plant manipulation and genkai who relies on tactics are bulldozed by Taguro's sheer brute force

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