1. Oh my God. Please don't judge all Texans by this shit. Yes we live side-by-side with these kinds of people and it is just to the worst. But most of us are completely normal.

  2. My mom had one that old. It addressed masturbation. It was a no no btw

  3. I got faith in you man but I gotta ask you a question. Did you mean Pelham 123?

  4. You caught the reference. Pelham isn’t in eastern OH :)

  5. This was the shit. I was surprised what a MarvelSlut I’ve become.

  6. The American press will use anything as units to avoid the metric system.

  7. Global Thermonuclear War. Do you want to play a game?

  8. It really is. I mean, I think it should’ve been “tiny boxer”, but still — wait, what? I think I’ve confused myself.

  9. The best song is “Obama’s Elf” recorded by Eric Carmen as “All by myself”

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