1. Rides the political fence to line her pockets. She sucks

  2. Did you watch the Gif of the NFT? He winks twice. Either that or he randomly blinks with one eye...

  3. She’s terrible, Rides the political fence to line her pockets. She was also in support of repealing the bank regulations in 2018 which can be heavily linked to these bank failures.

  4. It never ceases to get crazier n crazier does it?!

  5. Not in Europe at least and even less in stores. I've visited GameStops in Portugal (Lisbon) and in Switzerland (Zurich, Bern and Geneva i think) and i never seen a single t shirt. I've been wanting to get some since the sneeze and all i find is people making them at home and selling

  6. When a pfof broker (or any broker really) gives you information for free, take that information with a grain of salt

  7. To know this in 2018 and still cut banking regulations in 2018 is classic American exceptionalism 🤦‍♂️

  8. Puts on wrong country buddy.

  9. I knew it started with an S though -Lloyd Christmas

  10. To be fair, not everyday does a bank or multiple banks collapse. DRS is the way

  11. Buy directly from Computershare while the other shares settle

  12. If I can buy directly just particular hole shares then I will do that but as of right now it seems like you end up not getting exactly what you want or the price that you wanted this is why I do not go through computer share itself.

  13. A fraction multiplied by a phone number cures my fractional share OCD

  14. Why do I keep reading this type of posts as "furniture"?

  15. Im not sure but i will have what you’re having

  16. Why are we excited for low volume again?

  17. “Cashing out”…more like taking a huge loss. Price was $17 the day they disclosed their stake. Lowest price before that disclosure was $12ish

  18. Dropped 50 cents since i posted this 😅

  19. Snake Neck Turtles are my favourite animal. AMA

  20. If this turtle short sold a stock without borrowing it first, would that be a naked short or necked short?

  21. To be fair, Charlie(99) is about 18 years older than Mitch (81 on monday)

  22. Crypto is the currency of Gamestop’s NFT marketplace so i would lean towards yes.

  23. "Retail is solely responsible for the movement of the market with their record high 20% of all volume. Nevermind that other 80%, or the algos, or rehypothecation by Market Makers, or the dark pools, or the plunge protection team, or PFOF, or any other of the many ways that wallstreet can manipulate the market."

  24. “Save money by not eating breakfast” came to my mind real quick lol

  25. people are buying things that we don't control...dammnit...that alone is reason enough to be upset...let them buy our shit, not shit of their choosing!

  26. “Invest in the market…but not like that”

  27. Lmao i just picture the citadel office going bonkers trying to crack the code 😂😂😂

  28. Fuck Steve Cohen and Point 72 🩳🏴‍☠️💀

  29. Steve Cohen’s gut has its own gravitational pull- People familiar with the matter

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