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  1. Not really. Daemon had no inheritance, so marrying him to a woman who would inherit instead makes sense. Not sure there would’ve been too many of them, and House Royce is definitely respectable.

  2. Wasn't he heir to the trhone at that point, and aemma wasnt pushing out boys or something I don't recall the situation exactly. I agree it's not a huge diff in nobility but that Royce mightve became queen and Royce blood would've ended up on the iron throne

  3. By 97 AC, the year that Daemon and Rhea married, Baelon Targaryen was the heir to the throne and Viserys was heir after him. Daemon was married off, I think, by his grandmother, Queen Alysanne.

  4. Someone said on Feer's twitch chat that KRN scrimmed BDS, if someone knows where I could see the vods please tell me (:

  5. It's probably only available in replay format for now, seemed like Feer was interested in watching it on his stream later tho

  6. I plan to do the Rhine river route next time I'm in Europe. This trip I was more focused on natural beauty and remote areas, I was wild camping most of the time to save money so I had to avoid cities. I've been to Germany before and really enjoyed Trier and Dresden.

  7. Bro actually stopped trying after 2 games WTF was even the point

  8. He lost first 2 games on home server it's basically chalked after that

  9. Also an understated flaw is that...the Riverlands are the only breadbasket in the proposal....and the least defensible part of the map. Bordered by the Westerlands and the Crownlands, two of the strongest.

  10. Why can't they make some understatement design? I hate all those dragons and ROG eyes and overly teenage-cool designs. I want a slick (for lack of a better description) apple-like design for my computer parts ffs.

  11. So do we have to use this place to talk about roster royale? Because stepbros just beat moist


  13. I would say it's basically default in the western world. North America and western Europe.

  14. Wouldn't say its the standard in Western Europe, most people don't use texting anyway

  15. Idk if this is what he means but jaimes most recent horse is called honor

  16. Why do they even use gold as a currency when its so concentrated in a small region 🤔 what do the other regions gain from accepting it as a currency

  17. Same thing with gold in early society. It's Shiney, doesn't rust away, easily worked, somewhat scarce but not overly and well other civilizations use it too.

  18. The Vale are isolationist. For the most part they stay out of trouble because why start shit when you've got an impregnable mountain stronghold? Geographically it's an inherently defensive position.

  19. I guess I disagree, if it is impossible for you to get AT within reason (I mean, I could probably grind a track for a month non-stop and get it) then it isn't for you.

  20. Go for silver if your normal goal is at, what does the color of the medal matter if the achievement means as much in difficulty terms

  21. Have to say your 20 team format seems spot-on based on current quality of regions and would be a minor step up from the current format. Also agree with the lack of bubble team support being disappointing

  22. You could have a 16 team bracket anyway but make the 13-20 seeds play a wildcard event to decide which 4 teams deserve to play in it. But imo this would be a boring event and the SSA team would get blown out every time. And I don't think you can get much better as a region from playing 9 extra series in a year

  23. You could also gice the top 4 seeds a pass to the next round and eliminate bottom 4 from the bottom 16 seeds

  24. Heartsbane is not an example of a sword going to a non-heir. Dickon is Randyll's heir.

  25. I think jeor wanted the blade to kind of belong to the nights watch now, and he gave it to his chosen heir (as Lord commander)

  26. Ignore him, he’s trolling and doesn’t know what he’s saying

  27. I think he's trolling and does know what he's saying, the "immaculate" makes it obvious

  28. Isn’t that just him funneling money into himself and Varys to fund their wheeling and dealing the nobility

  29. Also big part of is it that most media doesn't get dubbed in Dutch and there isn't a big Dutch Internet sphere so Internet is mostly English for Dutch people

  30. True, but their accent is really terrible, I cringe everytime I hear a dutch person speak english lol

  31. So are Kamii and Virt moving to Japan? As I understand it it's quite difficult to get a work visa there, especially without a company to sponsor you.

  32. Maybe moving to South Korea? I think that's apac North as well but not sure which countries count

  33. If you give na more spots you'll only increase the "problem" of non-na players moving to na I think

  34. I can genuinely see Furia being #1 NA next season if this is the case. They seem to have a great record against basically everyone (bar G2).

  35. Mild take I predict they're like 4 seed na for first major, expecting some underperforming for some reason

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