1. What is the criteria for something to be Tier 1 anyway? I feel like it's all just made up. Or is there actually something concrete?

  2. It's made up but with csgo dota league pulling 7 figure viewership it's pretty clear rl isn't on that level


  4. I think there are two possible reasons on why this is happening.

  5. they could also just think Oaly would be a better fit, doesn't have to be internal issues

  6. Isn't this technically tool use? That's a good boy.

  7. he may have just tried to use the lip of the plastic pool to get more reach, and then the plastic pool fell in which inadvertently helped

  8. falcons playing it close, hope rule1 can win their matchup against them

  9. My conspiracy/prediction for ue5 is they bring the same creative mode editor that got announced for fortnite today into rocket league ue5 edition. Seems pretty doable to me since it's pretty much just the unreal editor

  10. Well if you want to send a ship to Duna, if you refuel in LKO you have to spend the dV to leave Kerbins SOI plus enough to raise your apoapsis to Duna's height. If you refuel at the edge of Kerbins SOI, you don't have to spend the 800+dV to leave LKO, just the hundred or so extra for the Duna transfer.

  11. Putting it in the right high altitude elliptical orbit would improve efficiency for some transfers, but an interplanetary transfer is less delta V when you start from circular low kerbin orbit compared to a circular high orbit

  12. If you're putting the station in a high elliptical orbit at the end of Kerbins SOI you're likely to get your orbit screwed up by the Mun and Minus though, right?

  13. yea didnt think of the moons for the elliptical orbit comment, I put my fuel stations on minmus generally

  14. Interesting choice for a country, usually you see orgs gravitate towards northern countries. Id also expect furia to go to portugal before others

  15. Besides the possible tax reasons, I can imagine the climate/food/environment is a factor as well. If i were a pro I'd rather have a team house in malta than sweden or something

  16. I would like a place where i can leave the city and go for a walk in the nature. Malta looks like tons of dry farmland. Not really my cup of tea.

  17. Imagine ksp with microsoft flight sim graphics/surface features while on kerbin, flying would be so much more interesting

  18. With Ayyjayy, Evoh, Chronic and Wisty in the running I think his chances are pretty slim

  19. Wait holy shit I left at like Mile 7-2 osm and come back to osm winning

  20. I'd say make sure no heaviest/root part auto struts and try to connect on radial docking ports through the center only, but seems you already know this from your comment

  21. yea but still, integrated graphics and 8gb ram is just not enough

  22. Yes, but I only had 300m/s of dv once in orbit and had to send a second rescue mission 😬

  23. Looks like every continent except for Africa is staring down demographic collapse now

  24. I've been wondering about this since the headlines about how japan is going to collapse due to low population. How is lower population a bad thing? There's limited resources in the world and more people are just going to accelerate the fucking of the climate.

  25. Hey, I teach about this in my AP Human Geography class. Here's the answer:

  26. thx that's a great explanation :) hope we adapt well as a society

  27. “I think Moist could be good, they just need to be good”

  28. You can't say the same thing about like solar who just don't have the skill. Moist has crazy individual skill it's the playstyle that isn't working

  29. Saizen too good for solar, seikoo too good for tundra. They could team up with a good third and make the last major

  30. i found it insanely difficult to do, but it's possible. I found it helped to run "simulations" where i just cheat the craft to eve's surface to see how it would launch. Also tested atmosphere entry like this.

  31. I'm not into flight sims, do other games where you can build your own plane have better physics than ksp+far+ground effect?

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