Mini heart attack

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  1. Even though this is likely a copypasta of some kind, i really wish there were more women out there that liked us bigger guys and would blatently show it...

  2. It’s super creepy looking. But the surgeon lady is trying to model her more closely resembling herself. Which means she isn’t a surgeon who wants people to look their best, she wants more copies of herself and she thinks she deserves to be put into movies and TV shows, even though the uniqueness is what makes you great. Not looking like EVERYONE ELSE.

  3. You know what’s funny. I generally don’t look at usernames or PFP when I’m responding and I just realized I who I was responding to lol

  4. I have some a share but most probably 80% no one will see but me

  5. The last three pictures are good the first few are not liable lol

  6. Ever bearing strawberries lol maybe if u had greenhouse w lights

  7. False u can lose fat regardless of genetics try going on a walk every day and eating healthier it takes time

  8. Jesus bud maybe take a breath and don’t talk to people u don’t care about ? And deep down ur probably hurting just as bad if not worse if u think like this , are you okay?

  9. I’m not the butthurt one lmao u wrote out a whole post just to hate it’s actually quite sad I feel bad for you lol

  10. Who doesn’t have Unlimited Data? Do people still not have unlimited data? It seems a lot cheaper to have unlimited data these days… GET UNLIMITED DATA.

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