1. This came just in time i was just searching for data analytics internship how did you get it?

  2. "he is right behind me isn't he "

  3. Last of Us 2, Death stranding, Celeste. They're a lot of games. Most PS4 exclusives till 2020 were bug free as far as I remember, except ghost of tsushima and miles morales.

  4. I agree on the PS games statement being usually stable but the last of us 2 had some glitches i encountered some myself they were not alot and not game breaking but there were there

  5. I will start. God of war 2018 (i haven't encountered any bugs nor glitches either in my ps4 or pc walkthroughs)

  6. I have the last cracked offline version before this (1. 552.59) but i only want to install the dlss update without downloading the next updates because my internet quota is limited is this possible?

  7. I had the opposite of this problem yesterday, the GeForce experience had disappeared (it got uninstalled idk how) and only control option appeared i was on the update before the last one on Windows 10

  8. Title is limited to 100 characters so here is the full story : Photo of a Palestinian farmer in Jurish holding a 117-year-old sales document bearing an Ottoman stamp proving that the land belongs to his family. This 73-year-old Palestinian said that this document, inherited from his grandfather, was preserved from generation to generation in a plastic frame with frayed edges. "This is a document from the Ottoman period showing that my grandfather Abdulfettah Mansour bought 60 acres of land in Jurish. The document proves that the land was bought by Abdulfettah Mansour. There is also an Ottoman seal underneath. This land has been owned by our family since 1906."

  9. Ubisoft wants to know your location

  10. this just looks like "videogame: the videogame" I know what I wrote sounds really dumb but nothing about this is making me go "wow, they really used the IP to the fullest!"

  11. Yeah i know what you are taking about it looks like the kind of games that appears in movies or like the one Michale son used to play in GTA V

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