1. You kinda loosely stack and then wiggle out when quaking starts. For ghosts I try to get ahead of a pack before it dies so I can typhoon it the correct direction/ be where I need to be to clear thundering on melee running past me. If you’re running low on mana and struggling to keep up, try running the conjured chill globe and use innervate/ mana pot on cd. This week was frustrating for sure but quaking isn’t so bad that you have to ignore every stacking mechanic that makes the boss run go much smoother for everyone. (Including healers)

  2. Like any dungeon though that's the DPS's problem, not yours. We've all healed a +5 and been leaned all the way forward going balls to the wall one run, then been chilling in a +37 the next run sipping your drink and playing one handed because the DPS isn't doing dumb shit.

  3. Every group I’ve been in has expected healer to deal with the majority of the explosives. The reasoning being that we have low cost dps ability and the DPS don’t have to switch targets and do less dps on the “real” mobs.

  4. Yep, that's the one person out of five I was referring to in my other post. If you don't have the time to get 80% of them yourself without stressing your group is fucking up, or you're a holy paladin lol.

  5. Oh oh yes I see what you’re saying. To explain- I mostly pug so my group is often fucking up

  6. They dont count as pre reqs, but they do count towards your c/sGPA

  7. From my understanding allied health and health related courses do -not- count towards the sGPA stat.

  8. they’re all about the same after prot warrior. Except blood dk. I hate healing a blood dk, their health is all over the place and I feel like idk if they’re actually in trouble or just doing DK stuff

  9. I wish there was an option to complete old raids legitimately still, though . Like wrath of lich king raids were cool. And has a chance of dropping good gear or something

  10. Last week was a great push week. I know I ran more than I usually do.

  11. I probably can’t speak for everyone but my genetics class was more focused on the mechanism of genes from transcription to translation, how heredity works, and gene expression. We only covered a few specific diseases but they weren’t covered in-depth.

  12. Ok but this is actually hilarious to me as someone who plays video games

  13. As a healer, I find I stand in stuff less often when I’m not trying to panic-save people who were standing in stuff.

  14. I don’t mind. I like moon square star or Diamond. Circle is cringe because I’m a girl and I often got “you get the condom” or “you get the pierced nip” and it just gets really old when that line of thought doesn’t quit.

  15. Yep making sure you flame shock then unleash life after your last riptide so you can healing wave everyone with primordial wave!

  16. Everyone’s already topped up because the Druid had a good tree convoke and flourished

  17. I saw one lot a few weeks ago. Now I'm not for killing druids (druid code and all that) but bots I have no issues with.

  18. the only time I think I’ve wished someone else recorded their gameplay

  19. Can you help me find a good pc like a steam deck? What are the specs of a steam deck?

  20. I play on a 15” MacBook Pro with mid to high graphics settings with no noticeable stutter in m+. I think it’s just you or something not working properly in your machine.

  21. The hesitating to put the foot down for dramatic effect of the tremor is what tells me this is contrived.

  22. I am a survivor of sexual trafficking. I’ve endured years and decades of violence starting from childhood. I spent years in and out of hospitals and institutions. I simply can’t relate to colleagues who complain about jobs where they literally have it so much easier. How am I supposed to relate to their “misery” when I’ve had it much worse ?

  23. You went through something horrid but I think it might be worth something to work on your empathy. Everyone only knows their own pain, and you’ll be dealing with people who complain about aches and pains much less severe than the ones you’ve experienced. Dismissing a patients pain is one of the things that can get you into big trouble as a physician.

  24. I can easily empathize with my patients’ pain, because I too know the pain of being forgotten and neglected in the healthcare setting, but am I supposed to relate to colleagues and classmates who were literally born into wealthy families and a better life who are complaining about working conditions that I find cushy?

  25. It’s not just pain you have to be able to empathize with. You will deal with patients who are the kinds of people you’re describing. Also residency is objectively hard. Just because you’ve experienced worse doesn’t make residency not hard.

  26. I’d get a third litter box and put it separate from the other two. If the kitty is large, make it a big uncovered one. I’d also try switching the litter if that doesn’t do it. I know my cats have specific boxes they like to poop in or pee in. Maybe your cat doesn’t like either for pooping

  27. Por favor disculpeme por mi pobre español, el gato le gusta sal y tu olor

  28. Why is anyone shocked when someone doesn’t get what they want they look elsewhere

  29. in my defense, last time i had tier pieces in this game you still used to buy it from vendors with tokens

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