1. Damn, fat fatphobia really is rampant. Those plus size subs are right. And now we are seeing genocide of fat people. /s.

  2. Fascinating. Have you got a source? Not being snarky. Genuinely interested.

  3. Who the fuck still thinks the Tories can build a strong economy after this 13 year long shitshow?

  4. To be fair it’s pretty much the only reason I posted this. Just found it funny after seeing all the posts here.

  5. Marxism has evolved since the 19th century. Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, is still very relevant today. Capitalist countries in the imperial core are only able to maintain such decent conditions for their workers through economic imperialism.

  6. You say that but I nearly put a twenty on Corbyn winning the Labour leadership when the odds were still like 100:1 but couldn't be arsed and regretted it ever since.

  7. I was the same. I still remember that 200:1 and thinking "I should put some money on it". Never did.

  8. Someone bought their phone into our gym sauna. Man was scrolling. I couldn't get comfortable with him scrolling. Volume accidentally went off once too.

  9. Just don’t look at him then lol. Most people got their phones in there to either watch YouTube, listen to music, or Reddit.

  10. It's a small sauna, personally, I can't relax without someone leaning forward scrolling through their phone. Its distracting. Its also against our Gym's rules.

  11. I have to be honest. I thought it was a good idea.

  12. The UK sacked around 20,000 police officers between 2010 and 2016. They have now retired 20,000. The problem is, they got rid of experienced officers and have a large proportion of inexperienced officers.

  13. Tfw the kilt was invented by an English industrialist, and the bagpipes were an import.

  14. Funnily enough you can almost always game this by picking their pizza with the most toppings then removing what you do like and adding what you do up to the free limit

  15. The Oxford union has had people with views that you'd definitely not like including a holocaust denier.

  16. If you genuinely believe giving a holocaust denier a platform is useful because it can be challenged you've clearly been out of the loop for far too long. Holocaust denial has grown in popularity primarily because far too many groups gave them a platform with the intent to debate them down and then found that the they have entirely different intentions to you.

  17. I remember watching Nick Griffin on question time. He ended up looking like a right idiot. I am pretty sure it was the start of his party's demise.

  18. Heyyyy, I got my railcard extended just as it was about to run out! I think 1 thing in 13 years is actually pretty generous.

  19. My wife had this problem, visiting Spain and they told her she had to go to another bank 100km away. She basically just didn't leave until they closed it.

  20. Seems more like a term for bf/gf but with added confusion tbh.

  21. Except he has apologized and hasn’t done those things in years. While they are active transphobes, misogynists, etc

  22. When was the clip of Ethan bullying a gay person? That was relatively recent right?

  23. Except when they doxxed that girl from the fresh and fit story

  24. How did they dox her? She introduced herself on the Fresh and Fit podcast lol. "Hey, I'm Danielle, I'm 19 and go to school". What information did they give that wasn't already out there?

  25. Im pretty sure most fans from the original era of their content have moved on, and the podcast at this point has its own completely separate audience.

  26. 26, can confirm that's probably the case. I used to watch H3H3 back in the day a lot, was subbed to the old Ethan&Hila channel when that was still a thing...I completely lost interest in their content basically after the lawsuit finished up and around the time they started the podcast. I didn't know how people still enjoyed anything Ethan did at that point, but I knew the content wasn't for me anymore. There was an early controversy around that time which turned me off their content as well, but I don't even remember what it was anymore...I just remember it made me unsub from the braindead subreddit. Looking at how far he's fallen since and the fact that so many fucking adults still stand by him is wild to me.

  27. Surely your experience shows that ISN'T the case. I'm also a millennial who switched off.

  28. Nothing is more tiring than people bringing up the same content fans are already aware of, and ethan has addressed countless times now. Why are we even discussing this? Ethan has spoken about this era of his videos, and especially about him using the n word. He apologized, that’s all he can do. He’s going the extra step by inviting people on his podcast, and debating them while shining a light on current trendy bigotry. Like i literally dont know what else he could do to make up for his past actions. If ur not satisfied, stop watching the podcast and leave the reddit page. This is old news and ppl who actually watch his content have gone over this moral debate SO MANY TIMES NOW. Aba n preach are actively bigoted. Ethan was bigoted IN THE PAST. Thats the whole reason why he’s calling them out, to try stop these types of videos he himself used to do. Their content is current, and his is old. That tells me all i need to know about this situation.

  29. He seems to make these mistakes quite often. Some people might think he isn't actually progressive and is just gritting.

  30. I get that POV but i see him as someone who honestly tries to see eye-to-eye and make the effort to understand but its like teaching ur loud offensive uncle how people talk on the internet. Hes not gonna speak in a perfect unoffensive way when learning new things, but he is still open to learning or saying sorry and meaning it. Thats why i still watch even though i myself can be critical of ethan’s comments too. Hes just a dude talking. Its not that deep to me. Just cause people apologize for one mistake does not mean they are impervious to making the same mistake again. That is just how humans work and to see him as anything else is kinda like just seeing him as a disappointing circus monkey who cant perform right. (Ik your comment wasn’t argumentative sorry if it looks like im attacking you i just lost myself in this rant and i dont want to delete it lol)

  31. Nah its cool. We can agree to disagree. My perception of Ethan turned sour when I (I know not everyone agrees) thought Ethan just enjoyed getting high on righteousness too much. Ever since his court case, I feel like he enjoys chasing that high.

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