1. I've been on tinder for a few months and have only matched with bots/unresponsive women. Mind teaching us how to meet someone real in just few days? Would like that lesson.

  2. I wouldn’t use tinder bc ppl on there aren’t serious and they post very risqué pictures that can trigger some urges. I like hinge bc ppl are more serious and you can filter the people that you will see on there more specifically. Aside from that, you just gotta be patient. I have dated around over the years using hinge and haven’t really even liked any of the women I dated until this one. I usually wait till they message me first so I know they are serious.

  3. Ah so you must follow rule 1 and 2. Only first responders I get is like the fat edgy women who smoke weed, if that. Anyways happy for you man , porn is such a crappy escape.

  4. I get a lot of women like that messaging me too. Very rarely is it a woman I would actually consider. Maybe once or twice a year. U just gotta be patient

  5. I would recommend this as well. When I’m looking at applications and see an associate in forestry I take notice.

  6. Hey I know it’s like 47 days later but I wanted to ask you a question about this associates degree stuff. My local school doesn’t offer an associate in forestry but they have an environmental science and technology degree listed here:

  7. Honestly I wouldn’t be overly enthusiastic about seeing an Environmental Science degree but this is for the industrial side of things. An actual forestry degree would let me know that you have at least been exposed to some of the core concepts of silviculture and forestry that you wouldn’t necessarily get with that degree.

  8. Okay that helps a lot! Thanks. Do you have any associates programs that you could recommend to me?

  9. One question I've always had for half guard players: how do you play guard against people that pass standing?

  10. If I play RDR it can often devolve to half guard. I usually try to do shin on shin to single X so i can get into the legs. Most people try to smash through my shin on shin with a heavy knee and I can put them right into half guard as well.

  11. I got my blue belt only a year after I started, and I basically had zero top game. On the other hand, I had a pretty decent guard (armbar and triangle) and good guard retention.

  12. I think I’m starting to like side control but I’m not very heavy myself. Got any tips or videos I should watch. I was thinking about learning the “super chill” position.

  13. I want to learn. Do you have any instructional recommendations? It’s my favorite move ever.

  14. Idk for sure, but we need to destroy those triggers/urges. Or more than that. That’s why people with long streaks are relapsing.

  15. I read through that easy peasy method thing and it made me look at the triggers a lot differently so that they aren’t really triggers anymore

  16. Popped a rib out a few weeks b4 I was gonna compete at white belt.

  17. My coach did this shit to me last week it doesn’t just sound cool, it’s cool asf.

  18. Sometimes when I’m sitting at home alone I just think about the feeling of getting a butterfly hook on somebodies leg or when u lift somebodies leg up and over with shin on shin and get single leg X.

  19. I have it and it has been one of the best tools to go back and rewatch. I’m a tall guy that likes half guard so the concepts translate well. I have used the moves on the instructional as a main part of my game for a while. The takedown one is great also.

  20. Awesome! I’m a tall guy myself loving half guard. I hit that half guard into knee bar move all the time after just watching his 2 minute sample on YouTube. Thanks for the response.

  21. Idk man. Seems like everybody in my gym is fucking baked except for me. Even the old guys at my gym!

  22. Bro this same thing happened to me! Popped really badly last time then yesterday popped just a tiny bit. The advice my one coach gave me was to do core strengthening exercises every day if I want to keep playing this crazy inverted bottom style that I like.

  23. If you think its "neocons" destabilizing the near east, then youre thinking exactly what they want you to think.

  24. Lol half the dudes he mentions at the beginning were brought back to advise the Biden White House 🥲

  25. At my gym the fundamentals class has a curriculum. Once you get promoted to 3 stripes you can start going to comp class.

  26. I don’t understand the wait a year and a half to be able to go to the comp class. So your first year or so the white belts don’t really roll that much? Just drilling everyday all day?

  27. Fundamentals class had some rolling but not as much as competition. We have one all levels class a week where the newer guys can come and roll for an hour and then obviously open mat class.

  28. I hate the omoplata saying this I only train no gi which it is much less effective but I haven’t been subbed or seen someone subbed in a omoplata in years

  29. I am the only person in my gym to do it consistently. You can find a video on YouTube of Bernardo doing it to every person in a gym after teaching an omoplata seminar. It’s so satisfying to me because it is such a weird sub. I honestly just love all shoulder subs so I do Baratoplatas, kimuras, and omoplatas more than anything else.

  30. Before Gordon fixed his stomach issues he had to chew them up and feed them to him directly, instructor to student, like a mother bird.

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