1. For anyone wondering, that's not ironic, it's unintentionally poignant.

  2. I’d give you a Reddit award if I could but instead settle for a high-five 😖

  3. I need some smarty science bitch to explain this. Preferably in crayon drawings

  4. If you do a “1.1” list like your others, can you put something that marks that a Pokémon is used more than once in the whole list? Like for mewtwo put a “1/4” in the corner or something?

  5. That and so I know which Pokémon can keep in case I ever find it’s first evolution in the wild or they return to raids.

  6. Very upsetting that they’re pretty much abandoning Infinite but at this point I’m over it and just want to move on. To its core Infinite is a good game but it is just layered with bad idea after bad idea and from how the past year has gone it looks like they’re sticking to their terrible ideas and trying to make the game and community work around those ideas, instead of just dropping them all together. But knowing infinite, adding a single extra box to the store would cause the whole thing to collapse. Hopefully the next one is better, but seeing how it started as a BR and was slowly built on I’m expecting it to just be everything “Modern Gaming”. I hope it’s good, but that hopes running on fumes.

  7. lmao, this clueless "redditor" has 130k posts leddit points and 217k comment points. This should tell you all about the sort of demograph that posts on this tiktok of a platform.

  8. There actually is someone in the mirror behind him. Only problem is that’s it’s another dude.

  9. If this was in the US it would get taken down quick for being “too traumatizing”. Which is stupid because that is the point of these psas. Instead here the Psas are about how you could get a ticket and lose money and not how you could kill someone.

  10. I actually really enjoy it (when I get a team that understands the game mode), and this is coming from a guy that absolutely hates capture the flag.

  11. Are you saying there’s 2 clothes sets with the same name as rewards? Like a reskin?

  12. Pretty sure your thinking of the “Veteran” clothing where you have to get 200 pvp wins in each league.

  13. You get 300 stardust from beating them but only once everyday. Sometimes you can get a item used to evolve a Pokémon. The medal gets you the Ace Trainer Clothes

  14. Depends on where you live. In Europe I imagine it’s common but I live in the US and I’m the only person in my local discord that has one.

  15. I got mine from the one event that had the region lock off for kanto

  16. I got mine from the Kanto Tour back in Feb 2020. Literally my first raid of that day.

  17. As much as I don’t like ads in mobile games, I actually don’t mind them. Watch a 15 second add for some silver pinap berries and a poffin? I mean I had to spend 15 seconds to delete the 2 super potions these things usually give me anyways.

  18. 100 meters. If you’re referring to the locations on the Pokémon, it’s where they were CAUGHT, not where we are during the trade.

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