1. It's just the way of the subreddit at this point honestly. Some random trend pops up that's harmless enough at first, but then people start spamming the shit out of it and it gets old fast. "How would combatants react to x", "Is this episode still accurate", and the tier lists are like the three favorites of the sub to just never let go of. It's annoying, but it happens every time there's a content drought so it's not surprising this long of a break between season led to even more annoying trend posts.

  2. Now getting the mental image of Homelander hearing Snail's House completely unaware that he's about to fucking die.

  3. Booster Gold crushing Cable using the forcefield is still one of the best kills the show has ever done.

  4. "Cool motive, still murder." - Vast majority of the heroic characters.

  5. I still love how they did it in Obi Wan vs. Kakashi. I had looked up Kakashi's abilities a week or so before, saw the Hell Viewing Technique and really hoped they'd use it for Darth Vader. I listened to Force and Lightning beforehand, heard the Genjutsu section and it made me hope they were gonna do it, then they did and I was fuckin ecstatic. Love that episode.

  6. I mean, on a technical level, sure, but I gotta be honest I'm fairly certain that literally nobody cares. He's still very much his cheesy old 60s self for the first minute and a half or so before the "I'm the lamest fucking one" moment, the moment itself is funny, and the way he's handled after goes past being funny and becomes legitimately compelling.

  7. Touhou is one of the biggest ones even though I've never played a mainline Touhou game. Luna Nights got me super interested in the universe, and I'd be super excited to either see one of the few characters I know or learn about a new one if it ever reaches Death Battle. Not to mention hearing the music integrated into the battle track.

  8. Dragon Ball definitely has the best number but that's mainly because (I'm fairly certain, correct me if I'm wrong) it has the most episodes of any non-comic franchise.

  9. Chaos Unraveled might have a good chorus but I kinda hate the rest of the song and it's by far the show's worst lyrical track aside from Thanos vs. Darkseid whose name I can't even be bothered to look up.

  10. If Darth Maul can wait over a decade for his revenge we can wait for two months.

  11. It's a little hard to put into words, but something about Smash Bracket as a whole just feels like the sort of grandiose passion project most folks can only dream of actually putting together. The passion and love everyone on the team puts into each episode really does shine through.

  12. I really can't help but feel that this whole crusade is doing more harm than good for us at this point. Pikamee's graduation, regardless of how it was planned independently of her harassment, has caused a massive influx of transphobia in the vtuber community that's making it awful to be a trans fan right now, to say nothing of the many trans vtubers who are starting to get harassed. Can't imagine it's any different in other communities that are having wars over the game. Honestly just really sick of hearing about this shit franchise and the bitch who made it at this point. I'm just tired.

  13. Getting super heated over something as inconsequential as a death battle result is worthy of criticism in and of itself, independent of what their arguments are. I would much rather prefer someone with shaky arguments who's polite and respectful than a person who has good arguments but is an asshole about it.

  14. My main thought process on it is "Cool concepts, bad execution". The background is so bright it makes the fight significantly harder to follow, and the fight itself is just incredibly slow and very boring. The choreography itself has some cool moments like Akuma kicking off the wall, but a lot of it ends up just falling flat.

  15. It's an episode that I liked at first, but honestly... in hindsight is probably one of my least favorite episodes of season 8, in spite of how many things it does well. I guess I am happy for sonic fans that Shadow finally got something decent, but damn did Ryuko get shafted.

  16. Gonna be honest. I was on the edge of my seat worrying that was gonna happen until the Jojo end screen hit. I was so damn excited when I saw Dio actually won.

  17. If someone told me that I'd someday see Richard Nixon vs. Doctor Manhattan on DBM I wouldn't have believed them, but here we are. Analog horror is a fucking trip lol

  18. I wanna see an Avatar Vs Link battle one day

  19. Literally, my single most wanted matchup is Link vs. the Avatar and it has been for years. Composite vs. Composite is what I'd want most, but since that'd probably be unlikely- The Hero of the Skies vs. Avatar Wan with the track being called The Legend Begins could be goddamn perfect.

  20. IMO its a stalemate. Giorno doesn't have the capability to kill Joker and trap him in the infinite death loop, but Joker doesn't have any way of getting through Reset to Zero, even if you take Almighty damage as being able to hurt Stands, because it just gets reversed (and no, Eyes of Heaven isn't canon, so I don't think The World Over Heaven is applicable as an anti-feat)

  21. I'll always vouch for Kratos vs. Asura and Dante vs. Bayonetta over Kratos vs. Dante. Still a good matchup, I just prefer the connections of the other two more, even though admittedly Asura is an ungodly stomp.

  22. Comments here I can already tell are going to be acting like this is a good thing somehow. I'm all for shit like spoiling the game on twitter and going after transphobes who are buying it out of spite, but I think sending Vale so many death threats that she has a breakdown live on stream is taking it too far. Feel so fucking bad for her and Pikamee, and the people harassing Froot because of the charity she chose aren't much better. LSF is probably full of shit as usual but that doesn't make this okay.

  23. From my limited Street Fighter knowledge the weakest character is still probably Dan Hibiki.

  24. Dante's pretty bad at it. My man is essentially a walking bundle of Hot and yet he manages to fuck it up every single time he gets the chance.

  25. Ignore them. They're not worth talking to about it and it's not worth wasting your time arguing with them over something so trivial.

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