1. Mold in bud is very real and there is no oversight of that on here…and all these testing is mostly bullshit..this is the Wild West…with that being said stick to quality vendors and realize even they will have their fuck ups as well. Be careful…if you see white fuzzy shit or brown fuzzy shit stay away from it

  2. Or the smell of an old basement which is fungal. Could be mildew. I got garlic breath and wowzers recently from Upstate and they both taste and smell like a funky old basement. There is some sinus, nose and throat irritation after vaping it too.

  3. Yes my upstate garlic breath smells like poop…can’t say I get a moldy basement smell but pure grass and hay for sure. Tried rehydrating and such to no avail. At least it doesn’t irritate my throat or anything so I feel it’s fairly clean

  4. I left mine in a jar with no lid for a night because I felt moisture was the root of the issue then put the lid back from there on. The taste and smell diminished, as did the moisture. Now it has no taste or smell or moisture. The effects are there so I'm not calling it a total loss but I know where I probably won't buy from again soon.

  5. I hear you but to remove virtually all other options other than very high THCa and leaving us with low to virtually non existent levels of other beneficial minors and terps is a crying shame. There is a beauty in the whole plant the way that nature intended.

  6. This is what I've been noticing and disliking about the medical program where I live. Which explains why I'm here.

  7. Limonene can be purchased as a dietary supplement as well. The liquid can be added to capsules or edibles and can be added to flower, concentrates and carts for vaping.

  8. I got some of the garlic breath and wowzers about a week ago and they both smell and taste like funky old basement.

  9. Yeah, it's not going to be perfect every time. I've gotten stuff from dispensaries in my area that has later been recalled due to failed microbial testing.

  10. Another literally overnight arrival from WNC, I live one state away.

  11. Unfortunately, it's hard to compare most stuff grown today with stuff grown 20 years ago.

  12. Actually, your body odor will change with the strain. Some of the scent producing compounds in the plant cannot be broken down by the body and are passed through the emunctories unchanged. Try it! Deodorant is bad anyway, it prevents us from detecting each other's pheromones.

  13. If you do it everyday you'll build up a tolerance, so that the effect slowly will get less and less. That's why the usual schedule for micro dosing with psilocybin is twice per week with 3-4 days in between, and then a full week break every 5-6 weeks

  14. I've found that at the microdose level the tolerance only builds initially ( first few days) and only continues to build if you continue increasing dose. Once the dose plateaus so does the tolerance. Of course everyone can respond differently so what I'm saying may not apply to most.

  15. Thanks for the reply! I am almost disheartened but may try another type ( am lucky I’m able to use dnm)

  16. It seems to be a more enjoyable experience with lights off, eyes closed and in a quiet space. Distraction of any type makes it less enjoyable to me. Also starting really low like 5mg and working up is quite relaxing rather than jarring like it can be going straight in for a breakthrough.

  17. I’m pretty interested in microdosing cactus so definitely worth doing both

  18. Have you tried your shroom microdose right before bed? I personally find it beneficial because of the amazing sleep. During the day it just makes me feel on edge slightly.

  19. That’s crazy, I guess our bodies are really different - if I took it before bed (I have before) I would not be sleeping haha

  20. There's a fine line between great sleep and no sleep. For me 200-225mg 30 min before bed is perfect. 250mg and It will be too stimulating. Its definitely a paradox.

  21. You don’t need to wait a day between each soak. You can do soaks within 3-4 hours and just stop when the color stops leeching

  22. There are domestic sources but of course they cost more than ordering straight from South America.

  23. Not unlike how crack is made, the baking soda converts the cocaine salts into a freebase form, which has the effect of separating it from the coca and saliva mixture, thus allowing it to be more readily absorbed by the mucosa of the gums/mouth.

  24. According to the old medical texts an A/B was preferred early on but it was soon realized that reducing the fluid volume with heat as is typically done would destroy the desired alkaloid. According to the texts Stb type methods were later adopted and preferred. Stb is how it appears to be done in the jungles too.

  25. Anyone defending the price gouging has capitalist brain worms. Medicine shouldn’t be beholden to the forces of the “free market”

  26. Beyond that, Nature shouldn't even play a part in capitalism or criminalism.

  27. I was about to comment on how soothing it was 😂

  28. I was thinking there is no greater pleasure in life than sitting down with a drawknife and just peeling away.

  29. Robots by Woodward is the first and only strain I've come across that actually tastes like skunk from the 90's.

  30. There is evidence implying that psychedelics that agonize our 5ht-2a receptors potently inhibit TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor).

  31. If using grain alcohol, doesn't it become FECO at that point?

  32. Simpson originally used naphtha. His procedure was revised later to begin using ethanol or isopropyl. The result is similar but it is much easier to get clean alcohol these days. Generally naphtha would need to be distilled first to remove impurities unless beginning with ACS or higher grade solvent.

  33. You sound like you're way more knowledgeable in the concentrates/extracts than I am. I'm fairly new to the concentrates/extracts, I prefer flower so I know a little but not as much as you. So thank you for that insight and your knowledge

  34. I definitely prefer flower, like you. I went through a phase where I only used concentrate for a few years but made the switch back to flower.

  35. Dude col care only accepts online orders and if there is no time slot then how you suppose they “ go in and get what they want”?

  36. They have been taking walk-ins in Monroe. They maybe just started at the beginning of the year but I've seen them accept walk-ins each time I've been this year so far.

  37. If its any consolation, I would guess they messed up when making the label and got percentages mixed up w/ mg/g. Because there is a zero percent chance that the cart would vape with terpene content that low, it would be a solid block. Or they could have just forgot to put terpenes in? But my guess would be the guy making the labels made a booboo

  38. It's distillate (the thca has been decarbed into thc) with an insignificant portion of thca remaining or re-added. It would work in a cart with no terpenes.

  39. I guess I should clarify my earlier statement about it being a "solid block". It would be more correct to call it a highly viscous amorphous solid. However, I can assure you that THC distillate, by itself, should not work as a vapeable oil in a cartridge or pod without the addition of some sort of thinning agent, whether that is terpenes (botanical or otherwise) or pg/peg/mct/etc... By which I mean if your distillate is thin enough to wick in a cartridge or pod, then you have done screwed up while making the distillate!

  40. Yea woodward hasnt dropped nothin new since christmas and galenas been kinda silent for a minute…. Certified is all the same shit if you ask me…..

  41. My thoughts exactly on certified. I don't get the hype. It all looks the same, smells the same, gives about the same effects and all looks like tiny rock hard pebbles. It's like a bag of gravel.

  42. They hve decent sized nugs in most of them but none of it is top shelf to me, sorta like runner up type stuff. Not bad to buy on sale. But none of it has blown me away.

  43. It's certainly not terrible. I would use it in the same way I use Columbia Care if they sold it as bulk. I use Columbia Care as filler to stretch the more expensive stuff.

  44. I got this 10th for $27 (30%off sale) at about wellness Lebanon. One of Grow Ohio’s new strains, it’s GMO x GMO/tk skunk and it’s definitely got that classic gmo smell and taste. Unfortunately this batch is bone dry and lacking in terps but I can tell it’s a good strain if done properly. Taste is a mix between savory gmo and sweet cookies. The effects are very heavy indica, relaxing, couch lock, and pain relief.

  45. They are really beating the gmo & tk skunk strains into the ground. Maybe it's time to expand into some new or at least different genetics.

  46. they only allow so many strains into our program. they basically have to petition to get other strains considered.

  47. In that position, I would have a handful of interns or whatever is the legal equivalent churning out petitions on a daily basis. I would ensure that the state stays busy with the filing of new petitions and I would encourage my peer cultivators to do the same until we have a catalog of approved strains that we could be proud of.

  48. It doesn't seem to touch on the idea that terpenes are likely produced as both an attractant to pollinators and a deterrent to natural predators and pests. When grown indoors with no pollinators and no predation there is no need to produce these compounds. They tend to be stress based compounds and with no stress there is no need.

  49. I knew a guy who grew several out of the white series. White shark, white rhino and white widow. They were all really good at the time but it was mid to late 90's the last time I saw any of those.

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